Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes: Full list of changes and fixes revealed

The Warden will be arriving in the full release of 1.18 (Image via Minecraft)
The Warden will be arriving in the full release of 1.18 (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft has released a beta for the upcoming update, 1.18. The newly released version is and has gone live. The update features several minor changes to the version, so players should be aware of what to expect.

The update has been released for Bedrock, so here are the patch notes.

Minecraft Bedrock patch notes released

The following are some critical notes to consider before downloading and playing the Minecraft beta:

  • Joining this beta will replace the current game with an in-progress, not optimized version of Minecraft, so it won't be perfect and run smoothly all the time.
  • Realms will be inaccessible and players cannot join worlds of non-beta players while the beta is active.
  • Worlds opened while in the beta will not stay when the beta is left, so players should make copies of any worlds they'd like to keep over.
  • The quality may be low but is not representative of what the final version will be like.
  • The beta is only available for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android players and can be found on the official Minecraft website.
Happy Thursday! We have a new Bedrock beta rolling out today!Check out the changelog for Beta:…

Several features have been added and tweaked in the latest version of Minecraft. They include:

  • Ore distribution has been tweaked to make mining deep more rewarding overall
  • Non-cave biomes will no longer be changed with height
  • The size of some biomes were tweaked to match 1.17
  • Average biome size was increased
  • Underwater magma slightly made more frequent
  • Increased the amount of dungeons
  • Gravel can spawn below Y level 0
  • Zombies will spawn in dripstone caves
  • Goats won't spawn in stony peaks
  • Strange pillars won't generate below Eroded Badlands
  • Water and Lava springs issue has been fixed
  • Frozen biomes blending tweaked for optimization
  • Fixed Copper Ore in ravines hanging mid-air
Minecraft Beta● Updated panorama● Changes in spawn of some mobs● Changes in the generation of some blocks● Added files rain_splash.json and shield.animation_controllers.json into vanilla_1.18.0● Added new recipes#Minecraft #MCPE

There are also a few tweaks to blocks and gameplay as well:

  • All forms of Snow blocks use similar colors
  • Fixed issue for Nether Sprouts grow when using bonemeal on Warped Nylium
  • Fixed issue of re-entering a 1.17 world when in a danger zone at a negative Y position
  • Copper Ore can now drops 2-5 Raw Copper instead of just 3
  • Block of Copper can now be cut into four Cut Copper
  • Fixed player hitbox reset issue after gliding with Elytra
  • Water drips now trigger splash effects
The beta fixes an issue with elytra hitboxes (Image via Minecraft)
The beta fixes an issue with elytra hitboxes (Image via Minecraft)

For the full list of detailed updates found in the latest beta, check out Minecraft's official website.

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