Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w41a for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed

Minecraft 1.18 snapshot (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft 1.18 snapshot (Image via Mojang)

This week has been pretty busy for Mojang, as Minecraft Live 2021 is on Saturday, October 16. Mojang is expected to announce the Minecraft 1.19 update and conduct a mob vote for it.

Even though Caves & Cliffs Part 2 is yet to arrive, developers are already coming up with ideas for the 1.19 update. Mojang is simultaneously working on both 1.19 and 1.18 while keeping their focus on the latter.

Today, Mojang revealed the final candidate for Mob Vote 2021 and also released a new 1.18 snapshot. Minecraft snapshot 21w41a features various texture changes, some world generation tweaks, and many bug fixes.

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w41a: Patch notes

List of changes in 21w41a

  • Cubemap or main menu background image is now updated according to the upcoming Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update.
  • Mineshafts in badlands generate at higher levels.
  • Geodes will now only generate up to Y level 30. Their rarity has also been adjusted to match 1.17 levels.
  • The angle at which sprinting against a block does not break your sprint has been increased a bit.

Snapshot 21w41a technical changes

  • The prioritization order of the chunk rendering pipeline has been changed. Minecraft won't show unrendered chunk holes when flying fast.
  • Server classes are now signed.
  • Minecraft now uses a new random number generator to create the Overworld.

Bugs fixed

The latest snapshot features changes to many already existing Minecraft blocks and items.

  • Item frame texture corrected.
  • Signs texture fixed.
  • Campfire texture now doesn't have one pixel extending into hotbar outline.
  • Changes to zombie villager skin
  • Wither skulls shot by the Wither have their texture updated.
  • Improvements to textures of doors

Minecraft snapshot 21w41a also has some bug fixes and improvements. Here is a list of major bug fixes players in Nether the latest snapshot:

  • Glitchy chunk rendering fixed.
  • Nether biomes are now fixed.
  • 2^48 seeds instead of 2^64 seeds in Minecraft 1.18.
  • Axolotls will now spawn only in lush caves.
... and here's your weekly reminder to report bugs on the issue tracker, not on twitter.

Along with these changes, there are many other technical bug fixes. Players can download the latest Minecraft snapshot from the official game launcher. If a player discovers a new glitch, please report it at to notify developers.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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