Minecraft 1.18 update cliffs: List of all cliffs in the new update

The new terrain generation system is interesting (Image via Minecraft)
The new terrain generation system is interesting (Image via Minecraft)
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The upcoming Minecraft 1.18 update is the latest version of Minecraft in a series of major updates for the game since it was released back in 2010. Aptly named the “Caves and Cliffs part 2”, this update version brings several changes to major aspects of Minecraft’s world generation, caves, and mountains.

While caves will be transformed into hollow and intricate underground systems with a variety of biomes, mountains in Minecraft 1.18 are set to change and look like their counterparts from real life. Mountain generation in Minecraft 1.18 faces a total overhaul, as lifelike slopes and new types of biomes are about to be added to them.

Mountain generation in Minecraft 1.18: The 'Cliffs' in Caves and Cliffs

A Goat contemplates life as it stares across a cliff (Image via Minecraft)
A Goat contemplates life as it stares across a cliff (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft 1.18 introduces another major change to the game, which is to the build limit or the height up to which players can build. The build height has been increased to 320 blocks, while the world’s depth has been increased by 64 blocks, reaching Y level -64.

Additionally, mountains consist of a number of sub-biomes in Minecraft 1.18. Each biome is unique and fun to explore.

Every mountain sub-biome being added in Minecraft 1.18


This beautiful biome is quite similar to the plains biome and is covered in a sea of flowers. It is usually found at the base of mountains that are located in the plains biomes. While oak and birch trees are rare in this biome, when they do spawn, they have a 100% chance of spawning with a bee nest. Passive mobs like rabbits, donkeys, and sheep are common in this biome.


This biome is usually generated on the slopes of a snow mountain. Forests have a high chance of spawning near this biome. Snow blocks and powdered snow can be found in this biome. Dominant mobs include wolves, sheep, rabbits, foxes, chickens, cows, and pigs.

Snowy Slopes

This biome generates in mountains located around a plains biome and a snowy tundra biome. It is completely covered in snow blocks and powdered snow. The only passive mobs that spawn here are goats and rabbits. Additionally, igloos can spawn in this biome.

Mark your calendars, and start practising your awestruck gasps: Caves & Cliffs: Part II releases in all its natural splendour on November 30th!↣…

Jagged Peaks

This biome is a part of the trio of biomes that generate among mountain peaks and is covered in snow, snow blocks, and stone. Goats are the only mob to spawn here, due to the presence of jagged rockfaces and steep cliffs in the area.

Frozen Peaks

The second biome to generate within mountain peaks, this biome is by far the coldest out of all six biomes. It generates ice, packed ice, and snow. Like the Jagged Peaks biome, the only mob that can spawn here are goats. However, the peaks in this biome are less jagged than their counterparts in the Jagged Peaks biome.

Stony Peaks

The final biome to generate within mountain peaks, the Stony Peaks biome contains calcite strips, stone, and mounds of gravel. This biome has a high chance of spawning within the range of a warm biome such as a jungle or a savanna. No animal mobs are found in this biome.

With the release of Minecraft 1.18, the Caves and Cliffs update will be complete. Players can try out the update before its official release by playing the various pre-releases available for it. Minecraft 1.18 comes out for all platforms on November 30, 2021, at approximately 10:00 AM PST.

Edited by R. Elahi

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