Minecraft 1.19 update: Top 5 things coming with update that fans are excited about

Ancient city in The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
Ancient city in The Wild Update (Image via Mojang)
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Manish Kumar Choudhary

The Wild Update is the next expansion coming to Minecraft. After releasing a spectacular two-part Caves & Cliffs update, Mojang is now working on improving certain Overworld biomes in version 1.19.

At Minecraft Live 2021, developers revealed many new features planned for the next update. Players already know of many significant additions coming to Minecraft in 2022.

Like Caves & Cliffs update, The Wild Update will also significantly impact the gameplay. Here are some of the anticipated things players are eagerly waiting for in The Wild Update:

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Top 5 things coming in Minecraft The Wild Update

5) Frogs

Little frog little little froggie little Minecraft frog walk walk walk

Frogs are one of the most highly anticipated mobs coming in The Wild Update. Players have known about frogs since 2019, as they were shown as part of swamps for biome voting. These croaking mobs are finally coming after three years of waiting.

Apart from swamps, frogs will spawn in many other Overworld areas. Players can obtain a unique light block called froglight from frogs. When a frog eats a small magma cube, it drops a froglight.

4) Mangrove swamps

Minecraft is adding a 9th wood type in 1.19: The mangrove! Many more announcements I'll be recapping tonight :)

Compared to real-life swamps, Minecraft swamps have always been somewhat dull. But after the release of the 1.19 update, swamps will change forever. Mangrove swamps bring a new variety of trees called mangroves.

It has been a long time since players have received new wood. Players last received a new wood type in 2020. Mangrove wood looks like a mix of acacia and jungle wood.

3) Sculk blocks


The Wild Update will bring various types of sculk blocks. Each block has some special abilities and uses. The following sculk blocks are coming in 1the 1.19 update:

  • Sculk sensor: creates a signal in response to vibrations
  • Sculk shrieker: applies darkness effect and summons the warden
  • Sculk catalyst: creates other sculk blocks
  • Sculk: drops experience points

2) Ancient city


Ancient city is a giant structure exclusive to deep dark cave biomes only. It is arguably the most terrifying structure in the game. Ancient cities are made of deepslate blocks and are filled with Sculk patches.

As per the developers, players will find precious loot in ancient cities. The risk of facing the warden should be worth it.

1) The warden

Players have been hoping for a new challenge for a long time. At last, the warden is coming to Minecraft in the 1.19 update.

Players have been awaiting the warden's release since its announcement in the 2020 live event. This terrifying monstrosity will arrive as part of The Wild Update.

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