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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Monster Hunter

Steve surrounded by monsters in Minecraft. (image via Minecraft)
Steve surrounded by monsters in Minecraft. (image via Minecraft)
Modified 24 Feb 2021

There are dozens of different hostile foes that players can face in the world of Minecraft.

During the day, Minecraft is a relatively peaceful world where players can build, explore, and relax to their heart's content. However, when night falls, dangerous and hostile monsters spawn into the game.

These dangerous creatures can make quick work of an unprepared adventurer, but there are ways that players can equip themselves to face these threats head-on.

With some armor and a sword, Minecraft players can transform themselves from being the hunted into the hunter.

This article breaks down how to hunt down and kill monsters in Minecraft and explains how to earn the "Monster Hunter" achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Monster Hunter

In order to earn the "Monster Hunter" achievement, players are going to need to hunt down and kill their first hostile monster. There are a variety of different enemies for players to chose from, such as Enderman, creepers, zombies, spiders, and more.

For a newer player, or during the early stages of a playthrough, a zombie will likely be the player's best bet. These monsters only have ten hearts worth of health and two armor points, which makes them relatively easy to take down.


On top of that, they also have relatively low attack strength, so they shouldn't prove to be that much of a threat. Whatever enemy that Minecraft players decide to kill is up to them, so long as it qualifies as one of the approved hostile mobs for this achievement.

Finding one of these creatures should not be much of a challenge, as the entire Overworld of Minecraft becomes quickly populated with hostile monsters at night. However, in order to take down one of these creatures efficiently and safely, players should equip themselves with a sword.

A full guide on how to make a sword in Minecraft can be found here.

Once players have a sword, they should be able to make quick work of a basic hostile monster with just a few swings.

However, players who want to be extra safe are welcome to craft themselves some armor. That way, the attacks from the hostile mobs will do less damage to the player.

A couple of pieces of bread or a cooked porkchop would also help prepare a player for the most success.

After the enemy has been slain, Minecraft Bedrock players will be granted the "Monster Hunter" achievement.

Published 24 Feb 2021, 00:07 IST
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