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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Stayin' Frosty

 (Image via Minecraft)
(Image via Minecraft)
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the "Stayin' Frosty" achievement by swimming in lava while protected by the Fire Resistance effect.

Falling into lava can be devastating to Minecraft players as they will quickly perish and lose all of the items in their inventory.

Most if not all of those items will then be burned to a crisp by the lava and cannot be retrieved. However, clever and prepared players have a way to step their toes into a molten pool and live to tell the tale.

The Fire Resistance effect can be gained through consuming a proper potion, triggering a totem of undying, or eating an enchanted golden apple. This powerful effect will protect Minecraft players from lava, allowing them to go for a warm swim in lava.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Stayin' Frosty

To obtain the "Stayin' Frosty" achievement, Minecraft Bedrock players will acquire an item that grants the Fire Resistance status effect. The best item to get, if the goal is to simply earn the achievement, is a potion of Fire Resistance.

Totems of Undying are a fantastic item, but they are best reserved for emergencies. Using one of these items to just earn the achievement is silly. Minecraft players are recommended to save this item for when they need it most.


Enchanted golden apples are also another powerful item, but it is not recommended to use these god apples for the achievement.

Since the item has been changed to no longer be craftable, enchanted golden apples have become a coveted and finite resource.

Potions of Fire Resistance, on the other hand, are craftable. Players can make as many of these as desired. A full walkthrough on how to brew up one of these potions can be found here.

In short, Minecraft players are going to need a brewing stand, blaze powder for brewing fuel, a water bottle, a magma cream, and a nether wart. Magma creams can be obtained by combining a slimeball and a blaze powder in a crafting window.

Once Minecraft Bedrock players have obtained one of these potions, they can chug it and hop into a pool of lava.

The Fire Resistance status effect will protect players from the damage from lava and burning. It'll allow Minecraft Bedrock players to earn the "Stayin' Frosty" achievement.

Minecraft Bedrock players should keep this potion in mind, as it will allow players to avoid death from fire and burning. There is plenty of fire and lava in the Nether, and one of these special potions can be a real lifesaver.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 00:51 IST
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