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Totem of Undying

There are many dangers in Minecraft and sometimes even a full set of armor and full health does not feel like enough to safely tackle the dangerous encounters you can find. Luckily there is even more you can do to keep yourself safe. The totem of undying is a very rare item that can keep you alive in the stickiest situations.

Totem of Undying

What does Totem of Undying do in Minecraft?

The totem of undying is essentially a second life, if you keep it in your offhand, or selected in your hotbar. When you take lethal damage the totem will be consumed and you will regain half a heart of life, it will remove all status effects, then grant 40 seconds (Bedrock edition) or 45 seconds (Java edition) of regeneration and fire resistance, and five seconds of Damage Absorption II. This will certainly save you from any dangerous encounter.

Uses of Totem of Undying

Despite the strength of the totem, it does not save you from kill commands or void damage.

How to get the Totem of Undying in Minecraft?

There is only one way to get the totem of undying and it is to kill evokers. Evokers can be found in woodland mansions or rarely from village raids. Every woodland mansion will contain at least one evoker, this evoker will never respawn and does not despawn.

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft


Woodland mansions are giant generated structures, full of hostile mobs and evokers are incredibly dangerous. They attack with magic and their magic will ignore armor. If you manage to defeat one, you will be rewarded with a totem of undying.

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

They will always drop one totem of undying and the Looting enchantment does not affect this drop rate at all.

You can also find them from raids by finding the bad omen debuff from defeating a pillager patrol. You can identify these from the group of around four pillagers with an illager banner. After defeating the patrol, entering a village will trigger the raid. Defeating a wave will increase the difficulty of the next wave and eventually evokers will spawn.


Mobs can hold a totem of undying and it will work for them just as it does for the player. You can make this beneficial by giving a tamed fox a totem of undying. The fox will live a lethal amount of damage as long as the fox has a totem of undying in its mouth.

The totem of undying does not apply when the player dies in the void.


How rare is the Totem of Undying?

The totem of undying is as rare as pillager patrols. Every pillager patrol can lead to an eventual totem of undying as evokers will spawn during the raid. Finding them in woodland mansions is incredibly difficult as finding the mansion alone is a tall task and each mansion will only contain a set number of evokers. They will never respawn.

What happens if you fall into the void with a Totem of Undying?


The totem of undying does not trigger if you fall into the void. It is as if you were never holding it at all.

Can you put infinity on a Totem of Undying?

Infinity is only compatible with bows and its effect only applies to arrows. Infinity is not an effect you can put on the totem of undying, and even if you cheated it on with commands, the totem of undying does not become infinite.

Is the Totem of Undying a one time use?

The totem of undying will be consumed if it saves you from lethal damage. It will disappear from your inventory after use.

How do you stack Totems of Undying?

In survival Minecraft, you cannot stack totems of undying. You can use commands to create a stack of totems of undying, but there is no way to stack totems of undying otherwise.

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