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Baby Mobs

There are many kinds of mobs in Minecraft, among them are baby variants of the mob themselves. Baby mobs are typically identical to their adult variants, only much smaller with a similar sized head. There are passive, neutral, and hostile baby mobs. Some of them are much cuter and some of them are much more dangerous.

Passive Mobs

TypeHealthBreedableNatural Spawn
Baby Chicken2 full heartsSeedsGrass
Baby Cow5 full heartsWheatGrass
Baby Pigs5 full heartsCarrots/Potatoes/BeetrootsGrass
Baby Sheep4 full heartsWheatGrass
Baby Polar Bear15 full heartsN/AIce Biomes
Baby Ocelot5 full heartsRaw Salmon/CodJungle
Baby Mooshroom5 full heartsWheatMushroom Fields
Baby Rabbit1.5 full heartsDandelions/Carrots/Golden CarrotsOverworld
Baby Horse7.5-15 full heartsGolden Apple/Golden CarrotPlains/Savannahs
Baby Donkey7.5-15 full heartsGolden Apple/Golden CarrotSavannahs
Baby Mule7.5-15 full heartsN/AN/A
Baby Turtle15 full heartsSeagrassOverworld Beaches
Baby Fox(Java) 5 full hearts(Bedrock) 10 full heartsSweet berries, Taiga
Baby Strider10 full heartsWarped FungusNether
Baby Villager10 full heartsValid bed nearbyVillages

Neutral Mobs

Baby Bees5 full heartsFlowersForests/Plains
Baby Wolves4 full heartsAny type of meatForests/Taigas
Baby Llamas7.5-15 full heartsHay BalesSavannahs/Mountains
Baby Dolphin5 full heartsN/AOcean
Baby Panda5-10 full heartsBambooJungles
Baby Zombified Piglin10 full heartsN/ANether

Hostile Mobs

TypeHealthAttack StrengthSpawn
Baby Zombie10 full heartsEasy: 1.25 full hearts; Normal: 1.5 full hearts; Hard: 2.25 full heartsOverworld, light level 7 or lower
Baby Hoglin20 full heartsEasy: 0.25 full hearts; Normal: 0.25 full hearts; Hard: 0.375 full heartsNether
Baby Piglin8 full heartsEasy: 1.5 full hearts; Normal: 2.5 full hearts; Hard: 3.5 full heartsNether
Baby Zoglin20 full heartsEasy: 0.25 full hearts; Normal: 0.25 full hearts; Hard: 0.375 full heartsOverworld from nether
Baby Zombie Villager10 full heartsEasy:1.25 full hearts; Normal:1.5 full hearts; Hard: 2.25 full hearts5% Overworld spawn, light level 7 or lower

List of Baby Mobs

Baby Mobs in Minecraft


There are fifteen total passive baby mobs. These mobs will not attack the player even when provoked.


Baby Chickens

Baby Cows

Baby Pigs

Baby Sheep

Baby Polar Bear

Baby Ocelot

Baby Mooshroom

Baby Rabbit

Baby Horse

Baby Donkey

Baby Mule

Baby Sea Turtle

Baby Fox

Baby Strider

Baby Villager

There are six neutral baby mobs, they will mind their own business and will attack the player if they interfere with the mobs.


Baby Bees

Baby Wolf

Baby Llama

Baby Dolphin

Baby Panda

Baby Zombified Piglin

Finally, there are five hostile baby mobs.


Baby Zombie

Baby Hoglin

Baby Piglin

Baby Zoglin

Baby Zombie Villager

This makes a total of twenty six total baby mobs in Minecraft.

Behavior of Baby Mobs

Baby mobs are similar to their parents in almost every way except size. They are passive if their adult variant is passive and neutral if their adult variant is neutral. They behave similarly as well, except baby mobs will follow their adult variants around in groups. Some baby mobs are exceptions to this rule such as baby polar bears. Adult polar bears are neutral, but the baby variant is passive. The baby variant will also make a sound similar to the adult variant’s sound, just in a higher pitch.

Some baby mobs can be seen piggybacking on their adult variants. The baby zombie and the baby zombie villager can be seen riding chickens and adult zombies. Baby zombies also move much faster than their adult variants.

Adult Mob


Many baby mobs cannot be interacted with until they grow up to adults. For example, baby cows cannot be milked, baby sheep cannot be sheared, and baby chickens cannot lay eggs.

What do they eat?

If the mob can be fed to begin breeding or get healed with a certain item, the babies will eat that item and advance 10% in their growth. Baby chickens will eat seeds, baby wolves will eat any meat, and baby pigs will eat carrots, potatoes, and beetroots. Whatever the adult variant accepts as food the baby variant will as well. Most baby mobs will grow into adult variants in about twenty minutes.

No hostile mob can be fed food and their baby variants cannot be fed food either. The exception being Hoglins which are hostile, but will still accept food and can be bred. Hoglins will eat crimson fungi to enter love mode and baby Hoglins will eat crimson fungi to grow 10%. Baby zombies will never grow up to become adult zombies and cannot be fed food.


How do you summon baby mobs in Minecraft?

You can use commands to summon a specific baby mob in Minecraft. The commands are different from version to version. If you were looking to spawn a baby turtle in the Java edition the command is β€œ/summon turtle ~ ~ ~ {Age:-12000}”. For the Bedrock edition the command is β€œ/summon turtle ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born”.

Do baby Zoglins grow up?

A zoglin spawns from a hoglin wandering into the overworld. Unlike every other baby mob, the baby zoglin will never grow up. This is to prevent hoglin farms from existing in the overworld.

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