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Respawn Anchor

If you are ever travelling in the nether it can be handy to respawn exactly where you want. The respawn anchor allows you to set a spawn point in the nether. There are many ways you can die in the nether and setting a spawn point in key locations like next to nether fortresses, bastions, or other places of interest can make the difference between losing your items and reobtaining them.

What does a Respawn Anchor do?

A respawn anchor is a block that allows you to set a respawn point in the nether. It is charged with glowstone blocks and can hold up to four charges. Therefore the respawn anchor can respawn you up to four times. Be mindful of where you place the respawn anchor and ensure you take it with you when you are done in the nether. Dying in the overworld or the end will still respawn you in the nether if it is still placed and charged.

How do you make a Respawn Anchor?

The recipe for a respawn anchor requires some rare blocks. You will need three glowstone blocks and six crying obsidian. The glowstone blocks can be crafted with glowstone dust and retrieved from witches or the nether. Crying obsidian requires finding it near portal ruins or trading with piglins.

Respawning an anchor in Minecraft

Crying obsidian is easy to distinguish from regular obsidian. Look around portal ruins to find some in the overworld. You will need at least a diamond pickaxe in order to harvest the obsidian.


To trade with piglins you will need to gather some gold ingots. Look for gold ore below “Y” level 31 and smelt a lot of it.

Gold ore in Minecraft

Piglins will give you 1-3 crying obsidian with approximately 8% chance to give you some. Bartering with piglins is the most reliable way to obtain crying obsidian so smelt your gold ore in a furnace.

Crafting gold ingots

Before you locate some piglins craft a gold piece of armor. This will prevent the piglins from attacking you on sight. Wear your gold armor and head to the nether. Piglins are fairly common in the nether, they spawn in nether wastes and crimson forest biomes. You shouldn’t have too much trouble locating them.

Minecraft Piglins

As long as you have your gold armor on they will not attack you. Try not to trade with baby piglins as they will only take your gold and run away.

Dropping a gold ingot in front of them will cause them to pick it up and inspect the gold ingot for a moment. After sufficiently satisfied with the gold they will drop an item. Crying obsidian has one of the higher chances to drop so it should not take too long.

Minecraft Piglins

After obtaining six weeping obsidian track down some glowstone blocks. They are easy to locate but difficult to mine as they typically spawn near the tops of the landscape.

Glowstone block in Minecraft


You can use any tool to break glowstone blocks, each block will drop 2-4 glowstone dust. Using a Fortune tool will increase the likelihood of finding 4 dust, but never more than four. Using Silk Touch tools will drop the glowstone block itself. Gather extra glowstone as you will need it to power the respawn anchor.

To craft the respawn anchor, place three glowstone in the middle row and surround it with crying obsidian.

Crafting a Respawn Anchor

This will award you with a respawn anchor. Be careful with this block as it does not work in the overworld or the end. Attempting to set your spawn point in either of these dimensions will cause the block to explode and set fire to objects around it. To use the respawn anchor, place it somewhere in the nether and use glowstone blocks on it to charge it.

Respawn Anchor Block in Minecraft

After it is charged it will emit light and a portal texture will fill the top of it. Now all you have to do is right click it and it will set your spawn point to this anchor. The circle at the sides of it denotes how charged the respawn anchor is. The respawn anchor pictured above has three charges and is capable of respawning you three times.

It can be helpful to place a respawn anchor near your portal, near nether fortresses, or other places of interest. If you would like to move your respawn anchor you can use a diamond or better silk touch pickaxe to keep the charges. This mechanic seems to only be present in Bedrock edition.


If you want to avoid spawning in the nether with a respawn anchor and do not want to break it you can simply reset your spawn point in the overworld with a bed. After you set your spawn at a bed, even with a charged respawn anchor you will respawn at your bed instead of in the nether.


How many times can you use Respawn Anchor?

The respawn anchor can be charged up to four times. You can use it as much as you would like, just remember to recharge it once it is depleted.

Do Respawn Anchors keep inventory?

Respawn anchors only change your respawn point. You will not keep your inventory if you die.

How do you charge a Respawn Anchor?

You can charge a respawn anchor by using glowstone blocks on it. It may be a good idea to keep a chest supplied with glowstone blocks near your respawn anchor to keep it as charged as you want it to be.

How many times can you respawn the Ender Dragon?

As long as you have the end crystals to support it you can respawn the Ender Dragon as many times as you would like. Respawning the Ender Dragon will not cause a new dragon egg to spawn and will not drop as much XP as the first time you killed it.

Can you respawn in the end?

Not through a respawn anchor. Attempting to set a spawn point with a respawn anchor in the end will cause it to explode, similar to how attempting to use a bed in the end or nether causes the bed to explode.

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