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Minecraft Fishing

Everyone’s favorite mini-game in video games is present in Minecraft as well. Fishing is a good source of food and XP in Minecraft. You can also skip a lot of the enchanting struggle through fishing as you can fish up enchanted books. There is a lot you can catch from fishing in Minecraft, you can even catch another fishing rod!

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The Luck of the Sea enchantment will increase the odds of finding treasure while lowering the junk percentage and slightly lowering the chance of finding fish.

How to Catch a Fish In Minecraft?

Hold a fishing rod in your hand and right click on a body of water. The amount of water does matter and the larger the pond, river, or ocean, the better your odds of getting a bite. When you right click with your fishing rod you will throw out a bobber that sits on the surface of water.

Fishing in Minecraft

Eventually a trail of bubbles will appear heading towards your fishing rod. Right click when your bobber gets pulled below the surface of the water to reel in a fish. If you timed it correctly you will be rewarded with fish, a “junk item”, or a treasure item.

Fishing Rod

To make a fishing rod you will need a crafting table, three sticks, and two pieces of string. Make some sticks out of wooden planks and hunt down some spiders for your string.

How to make?


Go to your crafting table and place three sticks in a diagonal across your crafting menu. Place your two pieces of string below the top-most stick to make a fishing rod.

Crafting a fishing rod

That’s all you need to make a fishing rod.


Your fishing rod will come with 64 points of durability. These points are subtracted on reeling in, not casting out. Reeling your bobber back in when in the air or in the water without catching anything will not result in a durability loss. Catching a fish, junk, or treasure item will cost one point of durability. If your bobber is stuck in a solid block it will take two points of durability. Using a fishing rod to reel in a dropped item will cost three durability, and reeling in an entity will cost four durability.

Did You Know?

A jungle biome will result in potential different items being caught. In a jungle biome you can catch cocoa beans and the odds of every other item are different.

Your fishing rod will only lose durability on reel in. If you accidentally cast your rod somewhere you did not mean to and want to prevent losing durability, simply swap to another item in your hotbar to preserve your fishing rod.


Q. What can you get while fishing in Minecraft?

There are four different types of fish you can catch: cod, salmon, pufferfish and tropical fish. You can also catch various treasures: bows, enchanted books, nametags, saddles, nautilus shells, and fishing rods. Finally you can catch different junk items: lily pads, bowls, leather, leather boots, rotten flesh, sticks, string, water bottles, bones, ink sacks by the ten, and tripwire hooks.


Q. Can you fish in lava in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fish in lava. Your bobber will sit on top of lava, but there will never be a fish that comes to bite. It would be nice to see some rare or unique catches from lava using an upgraded or enchanted fishing rod, but unfortunately there is no way to catch fish in vanilla Minecraft.

Q. Can I catch Fortune from fishing?

You can catch enchanted books from fishing. This is increased by each subsequent level of Luck of the Sea enchantments. The enchanted books you fish up will hold any assortment of enchantments in the game, and it seems like curses are more common in these fished up books. However, fortune is a possibility and so is mending. As it stands, fishing is one of the few ways to acquire mending on a book in Minecraft.

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Top 5 best fishing loot in Minecraft

Top 5 best fishing loot in Minecraft

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