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Minecraft Trident

There are many weapons in Minecraft and the trident is one of the most unique. Tridents are a rare drop from drowned enemies and cannot be crafted through regular means. The trident is useful in any underwater scenario as they can be thrown without the water slowing its velocity. Tridents can be enchanted to have very unique effects and they stand out as a versatile weapon.

Melee DamageRanged DamageRiptide Damage
Four and a half full hearts; Critical: Six and a half full heartsFour full heartsFour and a half hearts; Critical: Six and a half full hearts

Impaling will increase your damage by one and a quarter heart for each level. In the Java edition this effect only applies to aquatic mobs. In Bedrock edition it applies to any mob in the rain or water.

Channeling will cause lightning to strike dealing two and a half hearts plus the fire damage the mob takes.

How to get

Tridents will only drop from drowned enemies holding a trident. Drowned will commonly spawn in deep oceans or rivers. You can also artificially spawn drowned by keeping a zombie underwater for 15 seconds. These zombies that convert to a drowned will never be holding a trident.

Minecraft trident


You can increase your odds for a trident to drop from drowned enemies by using a sword with looting. Be careful approaching drowned enemies with tridents as they will use them against you. They will throw tridents at a decent range and getting away from a drowned with a trident underwater is no small task.

How to use

Tridents work as melee weapons much like swords. Pressing left click will swing the trident and deal damage to whatever is in front of you. Holding right click will charge the trident for a throw. After throwing the trident you will need to go pick it up from where it lands. Tridents are not affected by water like arrows are.

With the riptide enchantment you can charge your trident with right click, and if you are underwater you will spiral forward instead of throwing your trident. This will shoot the player forward and deal damage to anything in your path.

The channeling enchantment will cause lightning to strike at where the trident lands, as long as it is raining. Combine this with loyalty to create your own Mjolnir.

How to repair

Tridents have the same durability as iron swords, and many tridents you find from drowned will be almost completely used up. To repair your trident simply place two tridents into a crafting menu to combine the durability values plus 5%.

Minecraft trident

You will most likely have to find multiple tridents in order to keep a trident’s durability up to maximum. If your trident is enchanted you can repair one in an anvil for a few levels.

Repairing trident in Minecraft

Alternatively you can keep your trident’s durability up by putting a mending enchantment on it.



Tridents have six enchantments and one curse that can be applied. Tridents can come with Impaling, Channeling, Riptide, Unbreaking, Loyalty, and Mending. You can also obtain a cursed trident with curse of vanishing by placing it in an anvil with a curse of vanishing book.

Impaling will go up to five and each subsequent level will increase the damage of the trident to aquatic mobs by one and a quarter full hearts. In the java edition, it is worth noting that drowned enemies are not technically considered aquatic mobs as they are undead. Therefore, impaling does not affect the damage you do to drowned. In Bedrock edition, Impaling will deal extra damage to any mob in the water or rain.

Channeling will cause lightning to strike wherever the trident is thrown when it is raining. This enchantment’s max is only one. Channeling conflicts with riptide and you cannot have a trident with channeling and riptide.

Riptide can go up to three and increasing the enchantment value will make the player travel further when thrown underwater or in rain. Riptide conflicts with channeling and loyalty and you cannot have a trident with both riptide or channeling and loyalty.

Unbreaking will increase the durability of the trident. Each level of unbreaking will increase its durability by 100%, 200%, or 300% depending on the level of unbreaking. Unbreaking goes up to three.


Loyalty will cause the trident to return to its user when thrown. Higher levels of loyalty will cause the trident to return faster. The max enchantment level for loyalty is three. If the trident is thrown as the player leaves a dimension, the trident cannot follow through the dimension and will stay where it was until the player picks it up again. It will not despawn. Loyalty and channeling can fit together on the same trident, but loyalty conflicts with riptide.

Mending will repair the trident when it is not at max durability whenever you pick up experience orbs. Mending only goes up to one.

With all this in mind, the best trident would have at Unbreaking III, Impaling V, and Mending I. Additionally it can have your choice of Loyalty III and Channeling I, or Riptide III.


What is the best enchantment for Trident?

The best stand alone enchantment for tridents would be Impaling V. This enchantment is unique to tridents and every trident should have this enchantment as it does not conflict with anything. Impaling V makes short work of underwater mobs like guardians. Get a nice trident ready before heading into an underwater temple.

The best trident in my opinion is Impaling V, Unbreaking III, Mending I, Channeling I, and Loyalty III. Riptide becomes less useful when you have elytra to fly in the overworld and not being able to throw the trident cuts out half of its usefulness.

What enchantment makes you fly with Trident?


When it is raining, the Riptide enchantment allows you to point into the sky and fly. This is relatively not very useful on its own as even with Riptide three it is difficult to gain momentum upwards. The most beneficial part of Riptide is being able to deal damage to multiple mobs in your path as you shoot forward, but that just gets you closer to mobs and if you do not kill them immediately can put you in a worse position.

Combined with elytra, Riptide is incredible. A Riptide trident functions as a rocket while it is raining. If it rains a lot in your area and you have elytra equipped you can travel as far as your trident’s durability lasts.

Is trident better than diamond sword?

Tridents will deal more damage than a diamond sword assuming the diamond sword has no sharpness enchantments. In java, the trident deals one extra full heart of damage. In bedrock the trident will deal half an extra heart of damage. Diamond swords will deal three and a half full hearts of damage and tridents will deal four full hearts when thrown.

Tridents deal more damage but have less durability than a diamond sword. As long as you are paying attention to the durability of your trident, the trident is better than an unenchanted diamond sword.

How do you farm Trident?

Get a respiration helmet and dive underwater to find drowned with tridents. It is easiest to find tridents with a Looting III sword and I find enough tridents simply diving into an ocean and killing every drowned I see. Drowned enemies seem to be more common in rivers, but you can cover more ground in oceans.

Did you know?


A trident with the channeling enchantment can supercharge creepers. This gives you a consistent way to farm mob heads as mobs will drop their heads when killed by the explosion of a super creeper. When it is raining, head out into the night and track down some creepers to get rare items. You do not have to wait for thunderstorms to randomly hit creepers with a channeling trident. Any type of rainstorm will do.

You can use riptide while it is snowing. Hitting a group of mobs with riptide while it is raining makes you feel unstoppable, and you can use this effect even in snowy biomes. You can also use it to fly with elytra, giving you momentum in the rain or snow.

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