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Compass Minecraft

If you are ever lost in Minecraft a good way to direct yourself back home is with a compass. A compass will always point to your world spawn, in other words it will point to where your character first ever stepped foot in your world. Even if you set your spawn with a bed, a compass will point you back to your original spawn location.

Using compass in Minecraft

How to get?

Compasses can be found in three naturally generated locations. There is a chance you find them in shipwreck chests, stronghold library chests, and village cartographer chests.

Minecraft Compass

Expert level librarians also have a chance to sell a compass for four emeralds. You can also craft a compass yourself.

How to make?

To make a compass you will need four iron ingots and one redstone dust. Locate some iron ore and mine it with at least a stone pickaxe.

Minecraft Compass

You can distinguish iron by its brown specks. While you are in your mines look for redstone ore. It is easily distinguished by its red flecks and it will light up as you hit it or walk over it.

Redstone ore in Minecraft

You will need at least an iron pickaxe to mine the redstone ore. Smelt your iron ore in a furnace and wait for your iron to finish cooking.

Take your materials to a crafting table and place your redstone dust in the middle-most slot and arrange your ingots around the middle slot in a plus sign.

Crafting Compass

How to use?


A compass does not need any extra work in order to function. After you craft the compass it will always point in the direction of your world spawn. If you would like to change where your compass points you will need to craft a lodestone. In order to craft a lodestone you will need one netherite ingot and eight chiseled stone bricks. To get netherite you will need to locate ancient debris in the nether.

Nether in Minecraft

You can find ancient debris in groups of 1-3 between “Y” level 8 and 22. In order to mine the ancient debris you will need at least a diamond pickaxe. Each debris will smelt into one netherite scrap and you will need four in order to make a netherite ingot. While you are searching for ancient debris, mine any nether gold ore you come across.

Gold ore in Minecraft

If you have spare gold on hand you don’t need to worry about finding these nether gold ores.

To make a netherite ingot you will need four gold ingots. After gathering enough materials head back to the surface. Turn your gold nuggets into gold ingots by combining nine in the crafting table.

Gold Ingots in Minecraft

Smelt your ancient debris in a furnace to get netherite scraps.

Crafting a Netherite Scrap

With your four scraps and four gold ingots place them in the crafting table to be rewarded with a netherite ingot.

Crafting netherite ingot in minecraft

To make chiseled stone bricks smelt some cobblestone in a furnace to get regular stone.

Crafting stone in Minecraft

Place your stone in a crafting table in a 2x2 grid to make stone bricks.

Crafting stone bricks

You can make slabs out of these stone bricks and use those slabs to make chiseled stone bricks.

Crafting a brick Slab

Do this until you have eight chiseled stone bricks.

Crafting a Chiseled Stone Bricks

Place your netherite ingot in the centermost slot in the crafting table with chiseled stone bricks surrounding it to make a lodestone.

Crafting a lodestone


Right clicking a lodestone with a compass equipped will “enchant” the compass and rename it into lodestone compass. This specific compass will now only point towards the lodestone.

Using compass in Minecraft

You can use a compass on a lodestone to set the compass to only point towards the lodestone. This can be very helpful when you travel far from home and need a way to ensure you know your way back home without coordinates.

Did you know?

Enchanting a lodestone compass and breaking the lodestone will cause the compass to wiggle and point in every direction similar to how compasses behave in the nether or the end.

You can use commands to change the world spawn and therefore change the location that the compass points to. The command is “/setworldspawn” this will change the world spawn to your current location.


Does a compass point to your bed in Minecraft?

A compass points to your world spawn made during world generation. It will only point to your bed if your bed is on the world spawn. Otherwise, your compass will never point to your bed.

How do I find my lost house in Minecraft without coordinates?


If you have the foresight to create a lodestone and enchant a compass, you can utilize the compass to find your lost house, or if your home is close to the world spawn you can use a regular compass. In any other case, if your house had a bed that you set a spawn point at, you can create an ender chest and fill it with all your valuable items. You can choose to die and respawn at your bed with your valuables safely in the ender chest.

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