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Minecraft Lantern

There are many different light sources in Minecraft. After you have built many bases, paths, and others you may feel sick of seeing torches everywhere. A nice alternative is lanterns. Not only do they look nice, a lantern gives off a light level of fifteen. This is the highest a light block can emit and beats torches by one light level.

Minecraft Lanterns


Iron NuggetIron NuggetIron Nugget
Iron NuggetTorchIron Nugget
Iron NuggetIron NuggetIron Nugget

How to Get?

There are three ways to get lanterns in Minecraft. You can find them in the nether by bastions or in snowy tundra villages in the overworld. Apprentice-level librarians will sometimes sell a lantern for an emerald. Lastly you can craft it yourself.

Near bastions lanterns will spawn on chains hanging from the ceiling.

Lanterns in Minecraft

In snowy tundra villages they can be found hanging from lampposts and in front of their doors.

Lanterns in Tundra Snowy Villages ibn Minecraft

How to Make?

Crafting a lantern is relatively simple. You will need to locate iron and turn the iron ingot you get into iron nuggets. Use at least a stone pickaxe to mine the iron ore.

Making a lantern in Minecraft

Take the iron ore into a furnace and smelt it into iron ingots.

Crafting iron ingot

With your iron ingot place it in a crafting menu to get nine iron nuggets.

Crafting Iron Nuggets

Place a torch in the middle and surround it with iron nuggets in order to make a lantern.

Crafting a Lantern


You can replace the torch with a soul torch to make a soul lantern. This lantern is not as bright but adds a nice blue hue to the lantern.

Crafting a soul lantern

To make a soul torch simply add a soul sand or soul soil to the bottom of a regular torch recipe.

Crafting a soul torch in Minecraft

How to Use?

Lanterns can be placed below blocks or on top of blocks. They function identically to torches in that it begins lighting the area once it is placed and does not burn out. Simply select the lantern in your hot bar and right click on an available space on top of a block or below a block.

Lanterns in Minecraft

You can also hang a chain from the ceiling and place the lanterns on the ends of them to make a nice hanging light fixture.


Back in the alpha days of Minecraft around 2010, during the first Halloween update, it was announced that torches would burn out and lanterns would have to be used as a permanent light fixture. The idea has since been rejected.


Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft?

Lanterns burn one light level higher than torches. This means with lanterns you can add another space between your torch grid and still prevent mobs from spawning. Lanterns are more expensive than a regular torch, as they require iron to make, but if you have iron in high supply, lanterns seem to be a better option. Torches can be placed on walls unlike lanterns so there are times where a torch will still be better than a lantern.

How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?


There are two lanterns in Minecraft, the regular lantern and the soul lantern. The regular lantern has an orange hue and emits a light level of fifteen. The soul lantern has a blue hue and emits a light level of ten. To make a soul lantern simply place a soul torch in the middle of the iron nugget box instead of a regular torch.

What is the strongest light in Minecraft?

The most a light block emits is fifteen. Glowstone, lanterns, sea lanterns, shroomlight, fire, lava, and others emit up to fifteen light level whereas torches will emit fourteen.

Which is brighter Glowstone or sea lantern?

They both emit the same light level. They are identical in light emissions but glowstone is a brighter colored block. This has no mechanical effect on the game but with RTX enabled glowstone may seem brighter than a sea lantern.

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