Minecraft Advancement Guide: Sweet Dreams

Image via Mora Hannover/YouTube
Image via Mora Hannover/YouTube
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Minecraft players earn this advancement by interacting with a bed for the very first time.

Completing an advancement signifies the accomplishment of an in-game challenge, which is similar to the achievement system in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and other video games. Essentially, the more advancements that a player earns, means the more tasks and goals that they have completed in Minecraft.

Luckily, "Sweet Dreams" is one of the easiest advancements for Minecraft players to complete, and doing so would serve as a good way for players to warm up for more difficult obstacles offered by the game.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can obtain the "Sweet Dreams" advancement.

Minecraft Advancement Guide: Sweet Dreams


Beds are incredibly useful pieces of furniture for players during any survival based adventure. Minecraft players can use beds in order to skip through the entire night cycle of a Minecraft day.

This is a great tactic for a multitude of reasons, but there are a few core reasons why it is in the best interest of a player to do so. The first is that players may be ill equipped to deal with the hostile mobs that spawn at night, so they can skip these dangerous encounters entirely by sleeping.

The second is that players who are trying to complete an intricate build, may not have enough lighting in order to effectively work. Sleeping would then reset the time back to morning, which would increase the player's vision

Minecraft players will need to get their hands on wool and wood planks in order to craft their very own bed. Wool can be found by slaying any sheep from the Minecraft Overworld.

This is a quick way for obtaining wool, especially in the early game. However, players who have established themselves in a playthrough may want to use a pair of sheers, so they can continually use the same sheep for additional wool.

Wood planks can be quickly converted from any tree block that a player knocks down in the Overworld.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

All a player needs to do to craft a bed itself, is combine three pieces of wool and three wood planks in a crafting table. The wool can be any color, and the wood planks can be any variety of wood.

The outcome is a bed that will serve the same function as any other, but each bed will have a unique appearance depending on what materials were used to craft it. For example, bed made with plain wool will appear white, but a bed made with blue wool will appear blue.

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