How to download and update Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to its latest version (2022)

Minecraft's Bedrock Edition can download and update much like the Java version (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft's Bedrock Edition can download and update much like the Java version (Image via Mojang)

Mojang has gone to great lengths to make Minecraft easy to download and update, regardless of the version players are enjoying.


Minecraft: Bedrock Edition can be played on consoles, computers, and even on mobile in the form of Pocket Edition. Downloading the game is quick and easy, and in most situations, the game will also update automatically, meaning players won't need to worry much about manually updating the game unless they wish to do so specifically.

Regardless, different ways to download and update the Bedrock Edition exist depending on the platform the game is being played on, and it's worth looking into how this is done.

Minecraft: Downloading/Updating Bedrock based on platform

A snapshot of Minecraft Bedrock's 1.18.1 beta (Image via Mojang)
A snapshot of Minecraft Bedrock's 1.18.1 beta (Image via Mojang)

In most situations, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will update itself automatically after it is downloaded. Players have different options to download the game itself based on which platform they aim to play on.

On consoles, opening the console's online storefront (PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, etc.) and navigating to the game's page will present a download link. Here, players can use real-world money to download the title directly to their console.

Once the console has downloaded the game, it will attempt to update itself both upon opening the game and on standby unless players have altered their console's auto-update settings.

Players on personal computers who wish to download the Bedrock Edition have a few options as well. They can head to and download the game, which will now provide them with the game's launcher where players can open and update Java and Bedrock Editions of the game as well as the Dungeons spin-off. The launcher will also attempt to auto-update the game by default.

For mobile users, simply looking up the game by its title and opening the page is required. Once on the game's store page, pressing the download button should place the game on the user's device as well as automatically update unless otherwise instructed.


In addition to heading to the game's website, Bedrock Edition is also available via the Microsoft/Windows Store for Windows users. All players need to do is navigate to the game's jump page and select the download button, doing so will download the game immediately and then apply updates where applicable.

Each time players boot up Microsoft Store, the program should automatically search for and apply updates for all programs downloaded through the store.

To manually update the game on consoles, players can navigate to the game on their home screen or the virtual storefront. Each console should have the means to check for updates manually (pressing the options button on the app on PS4 or using the Software Options menu on Switch).

Utilizing these or opening the game on an outdated version will typically enact the latest game update as long as players are connected to the internet.


The most straightforward way to update Bedrock Edition manually via the Mojang Launcher requires players to open the launcher, then navigate to and open options (next to their username box). Players can then head to Launcher Options and select "Force Update!" which will immediately force the launcher to update itself and its applications if updates are available.

For mobile players, heading to the iOS or Google Play store can help them update the game manually if their device isn't doing so automatically. On Google Play, players can select their Google account in the top-right and then select "manage apps & devices." From there, players can navigate to "manage" and find any apps requiring an update, including Minecraft, and can then select to update the game manually.


For iOS users on iPhones or iPad, simply opening the iOS store and searching for Minecraft can assist with the manual update. By opening the game's page after the search, players can either play the game directly if it has been downloaded, or the play button will be replaced with an update button. By pressing the update button, players can quickly update Bedrock Edition and get back to playing.

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