Minecraft Championship (MCC) 20: Date and time announced

MC Championship 20 is coming (Image via Noxcrew)
MC Championship 20 is coming (Image via Noxcrew)

Since the Minecraft Winter Holiday Championship, Noxcrew had been on a hiatus for well over two months. So far, there hadn't been any news about the next MC Championship until now. Noxcrew has revealed the date and time for their highly awaited competition.

Fans from all over the world await Minecraft Championships as it features many popular Minecraft YouTubers and streamers such as Dream, TommyInnit, Ph1LzA, and many more. It is the only time so many famous names in the MC community come together to compete against each other.

It has been almost three months since MCC 19 took place. Fans would love to know that the twentieth iteration has finally been announced.

When will Minecraft Championship (MCC) 20 will take place?

Starting a petition to bring back MCC πŸ“

On their official Twitter handle, Noxcrew posted a tweet saying: "Starting a petition to bring back MCC." Fans had already anticipated that something was about to happen as Noxcrew hadn't tweeted out much this year.

On March 5, Noxcrew posted a new tweet:

Wow, it sure has been a while since we've posted something on here! If only there was some information I could share with you all today... Hmm.... πŸ‘€

Soon after the above tweet, Noxcrew announced the date for MC Championship 20. However, all the teams will be announced in the coming week.

Did you miss us? Cause we missed you! The Dome re-opens on Saturday 26th March πŸ‘‘Teams will be announced next week ✌️

MC Championship 20 will take place on March 26, 2022. It will be the first MC Championship of 2022. Many streamers were awaiting the official announcement. They can now officially begin practicing for the tournament.

The timings for the tournament have also been revealed. Similar to previous MC Championships, MCC 20 will also start at 8:00 PM GMT. The timings will vary for fans living in other time zones:

  • 12 PM PST
  • 2 PM CST
  • 9 PM CET
  • 1:30 AM IST
  • 5 AM JST

Fans can watch the event by entering either Noxcrew's official admin stream or their favorite streamer's stream. Almost all participants will be streaming MCC 20.

What is Minecraft Championship 20?


Before the two-month hiatus, Noxcrew used to host MC Championship every month. 40 YouTubers or streamers get invited to compete in eight mini-games for the event. Noxcrew also divides the participants into groups of four.

After competing in mini-games, the top two teams go against each other to win the tournament. Hundreds and thousands of fans watch the stream for the entertaining and hilarious interactions between all the streamers.

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