Minecraft emerges as the most watched game on YouTube in 2020

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With 201 billion views, Minecraft is officially the top watched game across the globe on YouTube for 2020.

It is a massive year for Minecraft on YouTube, as the game has claimed the top spot for most watched game across the platform in 2020. A recent post from YouTube's official blog confirmed this and also released to the public, some of this year's viewership data for gaming content.

Minecraft earned this top spot by a decisive margin, that frankly, was not even close. The next most watched game on the platform was Roblox with 75 billion views, meaning that Minecraft was a full 126 billion views ahead of it's closest competitor.

There were also some substantial milestones reached by specific Minecraft content creators such as Dream and MrBeast Gaming.

This article will be breaking down all of the milestones that Minecraft has achieved on YouTube in 2020.

Minecraft emerges as the most watched game on YouTube in 2020

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The data here speaks for itself, as Minecraft has earned a decisive victory as the most watched video game on YouTube this year.

This accomplishment fully doubles the bar Minecraft had already set at 100 billion total views last year in 2019. This means that Minecraft has doubled it's own accomplishment, and it only took a single year.

It is clear that Minecraft is the king of games on YouTube with this level of accomplishment.

Minecraft YouTube Creators: Dream, MrBeast Gaming, & Others

Image via Dream/YouTube
Image via Dream/YouTube

Dream took YouTube by storm this year, growing his channel from one million subscribers in January 2020 to over 13 million by October. He has earned his place as one of the top breakout creators of 2020 and is now a staple of the Minecraft YouTube community.

This is an astonishing feat as there have been over 100 billion watch time hours across 40+ million active gaming channels to chose from.

Against all competition, Dream has proven himself as a beloved Minecraft content creator on YouTube. His close friend and fellow Minecraft creator GeorgeNotFound, was also featured as a breakout creator for the year.

MrBeast Gaming has also earned their fair of success on the platform, a channel that has actually featured fellow Minecraft creator Dream in many of their videos. These channels claimed four different spots on the list of most-like videos (non-live) in 2020 for gaming on YouTube

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