Minecraft streamer Dream has once again taken over Twitter

Image via karljacobs/
Image via karljacobs/

Minecraft streamer Dream has a massive cult following of fans, as seen by their ability to take over and heavily influence what is trending on Twitter.

In a recent Twitch stream by Karl Jacobs, fans of Dream and the collective "Dream Team" were in full attendance to watch some gameplay of Minecraft and a handful of other games. Players featured in the stream included Karl Jacobs, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Quackity.

On the stream, Karl Jacob's younger brother, who was nicknamed Jimmy Jacobs in the chat, was on camera with him.

These fans watching were able to make a number of different hashtags and collective sayings to start trending on Twitter in what felt like an instant. Things that went viral include "DADDY DREAM DECEMBER," #babysitterdream, #dreamwapdance, #canceldream, #kingdream, #jimmyjacobs, and more.

This article will be offering a glimpse at what is currently happening on Twitter, all thanks to the viewers of Karl Jacob's recent Twitch stream.

Dream has once again taken over Twitter

Image via waddles/YouTube
Image via waddles/YouTube

For those who are unfamiliar, Dream is one of the hottest trending Minecraft streamers and YouTubers on the planet. He is well-known for his impressive Minecraft feats and challenges, such as competing for $100,000 in a duel against another talented Minecraft player Technoblade, and beating Minecraft while being hunted by four other players.

Dream has taken Minecraft by storm over this past year and shows no sign of slowing down any time in the near future.

The eye-popping Twitter trend, #canceldream, was based on a joke said by Jimmy Jacobs during the gameplay session of Twitch. This was a nod of humor to the current cancel culture that has been dominating the internet. There was likely nothing seriously intended, and there was no action worthy of this remark, and will likely blow over in some time.

The other trending hashtags are mostly all in reference to things that were said or occurred during the stream. This just further goes to show that Dream has not just become a celebrity in the Minecraft world but has popularity that extends across the internet.

Dream has recently been verified on Twitter and is already closing in on 14 million subscribers on YouTube, after hitting 13 million just a few weeks ago. He is here to stay, and more occurrences like this trending incident are likely to happen again.

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