Minecraft enchanting table language: All you need to know

Minecraft enchanting table language (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft enchanting table language (Image via Minecraft)

When opening the Minecraft enchantment table, ever seen those strange symbols when selecting an enchantment? These symbols actually happen to be letters, but in a different type of language.

These symbols are the language of the enchanting table. It is nearly impossible to convert this language without a chart or a translator. The language on the table is one of the many easter eggs in the game that Minecraft players may not know about.

Enchanting tables can be crafted using four pieces of obsidian, two diamonds, and one unenchanted book. Players can use this table to place upgrades on their equipment to make it stronger and more powerful.

The enchanting table has been around for a long time, but most players tend to just ignore the language on the table since they have no idea how to translate it.

This guide will help players learn about the language on the Minecraft enchanting table and what it is.

The enchanting table in Minecraft: What is it?


What language is it?

Standard galactic alphabet (Image via Minecraft)
Standard galactic alphabet (Image via Minecraft)

The language on the enchanting table may be something that lots of players haven't heard of. Each symbol on the enchanting table is written in the Standard Galactic alphabet.

Each Galactic letter can be converted over to a latin alphabet letter as long as the player is using an accurate chart. These charts can be found by searching "Galactic alphabet translator" online.

Most players say that the sayings on the table do not translate to anything important and that it is just a fun little Easter egg for players to complete. Below is a chart that players can use to convert the letters on the enchanting table.

Where does the language come from?

Galactic Alphabet converter chart (Image via Minecraft)
Galactic Alphabet converter chart (Image via Minecraft)

The Standard Galactic language actually originates from another video game. It is the in-game writing system that comes from the Commander Keen game series.

This alphabet in the game was made to represent alien languages found throughout the galaxy. This is where the enchanting table language in Minecraft comes from (very cool!)

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