Minecraft Lectern

If you are looking to create your own village, you will need job site blocks like the lectern. A lectern is primarily used as a job site block for creating the librarian profession for villagers. You can also place books on a lectern for decoration. Lecterns curiously also emit redstone pulses. This can be utilized in conjunction with a room to dim lights in a setting like a church.

What is the recipe of Lectern in Minecraft?

To make a lectern you will need four wooden slabs of any kind. You can mix and match these slabs in this recipe. Place three wooden slabs in the top row of a crafting table, then place a bookshelf in the middle-most slot with another wooden slab below that bookshelf.

Crafting a lectern

That is all you need to make a lectern.

What is the Lectern used for in Minecraft?

Lecterns are a job site block for villagers. Any unassigned villager with a claimed bed will search for a profession given that they are not a nitwit. After a villager has claimed a bed and a job site block they will transform into the appropriate profession.

Using Lectern in Minecraft

A villager whose profession has not been locked in can still be changed with a nearby job site block. Ensure there are no other job site blocks nearby that they can attach to and place your desired job block nearby to change their profession. This can also be done to refresh their stock of trade goods. In the case of lecterns, the items you are looking for from librarians are most likely books for emeralds and enchanted books.

Librarian Menu in Minecraft

This librarian came with paper for emeralds and I would have to lock in his profession in order to gain access to the level two trades. Instead if you would like to refresh his inventory simply break the lectern and place it down again. You should see the villager temporarily lose their profession and by placing the lectern down again you can get a new stock of inventory from your librarian.

Librarian Menu in Minecraft

By breaking and replacing the lectern I was able to find a enchanted book for Frost Walker I available for trade. You can do this any number of times to get the specific enchanted book you would like. Once you trade with this villager his profession will become locked and you cannot refresh his stock again so choose wisely!

You can place a book and quill on top of the lectern so that an open book sits on top of the podium instead.

Book and quilt on podium in Minecraft

This does not affect the villagers in any way but will look nicer for your builds. If your book and quill is written in you can read it from the lectern as well. This can add a nice lore touch to your villagers if you choose to write in them.


How do you put an enchanted book on a Lectern?

You cannot place an enchanted book on a lectern. What you can do is sign a book and quill to give it the enchanted effect and place it on the lectern. Unfortunately the enchanted effect seen in your inventory does not reflect upon the lectern. There is currently no way to place an enchanted book on a lectern.

How do you turn a villager into a librarian?

As long as the villager is not a nitwit, and has claimed a bed nearby, the villager will seek a nearby job site block to claim a profession. To ensure that the profession is a librarian, place a lectern. This will make a nearby villager with a claimed bed turn into a librarian.


Lecterns are instrumental in ensuring you have a healthy supply of any enchanted books. A good librarian is hard to come by, but after a lot of inventory refreshes, you can have the perfect librarian who sells the desired enchanted book. It is also important to have a villager who will trade easily attainable materials for emeralds as emeralds are the basis for trading. Having a librarian makes it so you can trade paper which you can grow as sugarcane infinitely, meaning you can have infinite emeralds with enough time. Lecterns are a nice decorative block and function as a job promoter for unassigned villagers.

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