Minecraft Live 2022 timings for different time zones

The next livestream is October 15 (Image via Mojang)
The next livestream is on October 15 (Image via Mojang)

The upcoming Minecraft Live 2022 is one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year. Crafters are looking forward to the event as they will learn a lot about the future of their game, but they're also going to learn important information about Dungeons and Legends. There's potential for an official release date for the latter to be announced.

Minecraft Live 2022 is set to take place on Saturday, October 15 (October 16 in certain time zones).

There's a lot to know and it's going to be the most important video for Minecraft in a while, making it important to catch it all live. To do so, potential viewers around the world need to know the timings of the stream.

What are the timings for Minecraft Live 2022?

All the details from the event will eventually be out on various platforms, but to get the official information straight from the source, the live stream is the best option.

Time zones and timings for the highly anticipated Minecraft Live 2022:

  • 12 noon EST
  • 11 am CST
  • 10 am MST
  • 9 am PST
  • 1 am JST (October 16)
  • 9:30 pm IST
  • 5 pm BST
  • 6 pm EET
  • 7 pm AST
  • 4 pm GMT
  • 3 am AEDT (Otober 16)
  • 7 pm MSK
  • 1 pm BRT

Potential release date for Legends, Dungeons future announcement, and Mob Vote results are the main attractions of the stream

There is a high probability that Minecraft Legends, which has a loose 2023 release date, will be given an official release date along with further details regarding the gameplay.


Minecraft Dungeons will probably receive a new season. They've adopted the popular seasonal model and will probably give players a look at the upcoming edition, potentially with a release date.

The biggest attraction of the stream will be the reveal of the Mob Vote winner. Here are the candidates:

  • Sniffer, which will sniff out and dig up seeds. New plants will potentially be added to the game if it wins.
  • Rascal, which will play hide and seek. After being successfully found three times, it will give a reward, potentially something that is very valuable.
  • Tuff Golem, which will hold items and walk around. It may bring in new art in the form of statues and paintings if victorious.
Sniffer eggs are underwater (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)
Sniffer eggs are underwater (Image via Minecraft on YouTube)

Voting will begin 24 hours prior to the event and the winner will be unknown until the livestream, which takes place shortly after the voting closes.

This year, the voting will be done differently. Instead of two brief Twitter polls that pit the three and then the top two mobs against each other, there will be a more accessible vote.


On the official website, all players and even those who may not actively play will be able to cast their vote. There will be a special server set up in the Bedrock edition that players can join to enjoy minigames and more, but the primary motive is to provide an alternative voting venue.

The Launcher in the Java edition will also have the vote option, which is the third and final method. All players should have access to the vote in some way and the vote can be changed anytime during the 24 hours, but once the stream begins, the votes are final.