Minecraft Redditor creates stunning Nether portal with amethyst

The Redditor's amethyst Nether portal (Image via u/joshabes, Reddit)
The Redditor's amethyst Nether portal (Image via u/joshabes, Reddit)

Nether portals are one of the most critical builds in Minecraft. For starters, it's the only portal to another dimension that players themselves can build.

It's also the only way to get specific items like soul sand, Nether wart, etc. However, the true importance comes from one single item: blaze rods. Without them, users cannot hope to beat the game.

Many crafters set out to make the quickest Nether portal they can with that in mind. Sometimes that means using ruined portals or dirt blocks on the corners to make it a little faster.

Other Minecraft gamers, however, like making their builds look good, including Nether portals. There are limitless possibilities for decorating one, but this Minecraft Redditor made one that was impossible before the 1.17 update.

Minecraft player makes beautiful amethyst Nether portal

A Nether portal can sometimes feel out of place in a build. Many gamers will build their house and any nearby building they need (perhaps a villager farm) and then place their Nether portal close by.

That can be jarring to a build with a theme, which is a big reason why many players either place their portals far enough away or decorate them to look better.

In this case, this Minecraft Redditor did the latter and made an incredible amethyst geode Nether portal.

The portal looks like a giant, hollowed-out amethyst geode with a smooth basalt outer layer, a calcite middle, and an amethyst interior. The amethyst even has clusters growing on it.

Geodes can't naturally generate on the side of a cliff like that, but it does look legitimate.

Another view of the Redditor's nether portal (Image via u/joshabes, Reddit)
Another view of the Redditor's nether portal (Image via u/joshabes, Reddit)

It also has blackstone at the bottom, providing a pathway into the portal. The cherry on top is soul lanterns, used for lighting and adding to the aesthetic. The random placement of some blocks only adds to the natural look.

It's probably not the only amethyst Nether portal ever made, but they should be more common. The purple of the Nether portal and the purple of the amethyst work well together.

It's been quite the popular post with the Minecraft community. Several comments were full of positivity.

Others shared their desire to make something similar.

Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery.

Another commenter echoed that sentiment.

The lanterns were a small addition, but they made a big difference.

Purple is a good color, according to one commenter.

In Minecraft, there aren't many higher compliments than saying something looks like the real version.

One commenter just wants to know how to make one themselves.

It's not a want. Rather, it's a need.

Overall, the post has received almost five thousand upvotes in just 18 hours. A creative idea like this deserves all of them.

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