Minecraft streamer lukeafkfan hilariously completes speedruns while showering in the bathroom on Twitch live stream

lukeafkfan during his hilarious stream (Image via lukeafkfan/Twitch)
lukeafkfan during his hilarious stream (Image via lukeafkfan/Twitch)
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

In what is perhaps one of the most innovative and bizarre methods of carrying out a Minecraft speedrun, Twitch streamer lukeafkfan recently attempted to shower and stream from his bathroom simultaneously.

Over the last couple of months, Twitch streamers seem to have devised a plethora of outlandish methods in a bid to entertain viewers across the globe.

lukeafkfan's recent Minecraft stream is one such example that has left viewers in splits.

The popular YouTuber, known for his rip-roaring Omegle and Zoom troll videos, recently added a unique spin to his Minecraft Twitch stream. It ended up becoming an instant hit with viewers.

Minecraft streamer leaves viewers in splits with speedrun shenanigans during Twitch shower stream

On April 25th, lukeafkfan conducted a "subathon" in a bid to keep his stream live, at the behest of his viewers' incoming donations in chat.

What distinguished his stream from any regular subathon was that he decided to live stream from his shower of all places.

As viewers literally began to "shower" him with donations, he was left helplessly drenched to the bone within minutes as his chat continued to run amok.

lukeafkfan could be heard hilariously summing up his thoughts throughout the stream, all while being mercilessly sprayed by the showerhead above:

"Goddamn, dude! F**k it, f**k it! Alright, alright, geez! There's water in my headphones. Oh god, my eyes, dude, these headphones ain't lasting long man!"

From complaining about how he was soaking wet to dealing with a bug crawling over his leg, lukeafkfan continued to stream for nearly two hours, much to the amusement of those in the chat.

" I am soaking wet; I have been in here for so long, f**k's sake."

Despite the ordeal, he seemed to be quite pleased with himself at the end of a highly entertaining and unconventional Minecraft stream.

With hot tub streams proving to be highly lucrative at one end, lukeafkfan's recent shower stream might just open up a whole new avenue for streamers in the near future, as Twitch continues to dole out content that is both eclectic and eccentric in equal measure.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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