Minecraft The Wild Update: Top 5 reasons why Warden will be the most difficult mob 

Deep dark caves and Warden (Image via Mojang)
Deep dark caves and Warden (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Live 2021 brought many surprises to fans watching the stream. The next major Minecraft update titled The Wild Update will bring the much-awaited swamp upgrade and its new inhabitants, frogs, and fireflies.

During the live stream, Mojang also made a disappointing but expected announcement regarding deep dark caves. The spooky cave biome at the 'deepest depths of the world' has now been moved to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update.


However, fans are not too downhearted as developers also showcased a new feature of deep dark caves: deep dark cities. They also revealed some scary information about the terrifying menace living in these creepy caves: the Warden.

Reasons why Warden is the most dangerous Minecraft mob ever

5) Towering won't work against the Warden

The Warden (Image via Mojang)
The Warden (Image via Mojang)

Towering is one of the most popular tricks while fighting mobs in Minecraft. Too many hostile mobs? Just climb up using blocks. Sadly, this strategy won't work against the Warden.

Minecraft developers are working on making Warden invincible in Minecraft. Kingbdogz said the Warden is going to have different mechanics to tackle players at higher height levels.

4) Warden can smell and will have high movement speed

Warden shown at Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Mojang)
Warden shown at Minecraft Live 2021 (Image via Mojang)

While being the most dangerous mob, Warden is going to be the most advanced one as well. Due to living in deep dark caves, the Warden has developed a strong sense of smell. It can quickly locate enemies in the dark ambiance of these spooky caves.

Players cannot outrun the Warden as its speed is more than the character's sprinting speed. To run away from the Warden, players will probably have to use speed-boosting potions.

3) Spooky atmosphere

At least sneaking will give you a creeper’s chance against the terror of this new biome, the Warden!↣

Deep dark caves will be the scariest biome in Minecraft. Players will find creepy ancient cities, sculk shriekers, and many other eerie elements. When a player is close to the Warden, their in-game heartbeat will increase, and the lights will dim.

Meeting the Warden will become the scariest thing in Minecraft. Due to the creepy atmosphere, many players will avoid exploring the deep dark caves, let alone fighting the Warden.

2) Tons of health points

In the current build Wardens have 500 health. Wonder if that's too little 🤔🤔

Warden is going to have a massive health pool. Minecraft developer Kingbdogz said the Warden has 500 health in the current dev build. This is almost twice than two boss mobs, the Ender dragon and the Wither. Killing a Warden will take a long time, even in the creative mode,

1) Attacking strength

Warden too strong (Image via Mojang)
Warden too strong (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft developers want the Warden to be some sort of natural calamity that players should be scared of. They are making this mob almost invincible. In the last year's live stream, the Warden was shown killing a player covered in netherite gear with just two hits.

At Minecraft Live 2021, the Warden is shown to be much more fierce and dangerous as it emerges off the ground. The Warden kills the player in just a few seconds.

Without a doubt, the Warden is the most dangerous creature Minecrafters have ever seen. But with little sneaking, players might get valuable loot in deep dark cities without facing this monster.

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