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MoistCr1tikal skeptical of Dream's Response to Minecraft cheating allegations

MoistCr1tikal offers his take on Dream
MoistCr1tikal offers his take on Dream's response to the Minecraft cheating allegations. (Image via Ghrey/YouTube)
Modified 28 Dec 2020, 00:31 IST

Twitch streamer Charles "MoistCr1tikal" White is skeptical of Dream's defense and is not entirely convinced that he did not cheat his Minecraft speedrun.

The internet and Minecraft community are still conflicted as to what the truth is in regards to the cheating scandal surrounding the famous Minecraft player Dream. There are members on both side of the aisle, as some believe that Dream is innocent and others hold firm that Dream cheated his Minecraft speedrun.

One individual in the latter category is Twitch streamer Moistcr1tikal, who has expressed his skepticism of Dream's defense on a recent live stream. He shared that he felt Dream's argument lacked substance, due to the anonymity of the proclaimed statistics expert.

This article will be covering Twitch streamer MoistCr1tikal's take on Dream's response and the Minecraft cheating scandal as a whole.

MoistCr1tikal skeptical of Dream's Response to Minecraft cheating allegations

In a recent Twitch live stream, MoistCr1tikal offered his hot take on the whole Minecraft cheating scandal and Dream's response. In his own words, he basically makes the argument that Dream could have simply owned up to the allegations.

MoistCr1tikal asserts that he would have simply said that he cheated and called out the rest of the community to do something about it. Granted, these are two incredibly different gaming personalities.


At the end of the day, this entire scandal is about Minecraft, and MoistCr1tikal's body language and tonality hint that he doesn't believe any of this is really all that important.

In terms of the actual meat of Dream's defense, the Twitch streamer found the style of his argument to be lacking.

The core of Dream's claims rely on the findings of an expert, who is unidentified and still remains anonymous. Without firm proof or a name associated with the findings, the legitimacy of the report can only be taken with a grain of salt.

"He hired a professor from Harvard to prove it. Oh did he? Can you tell me what professor that was? It's a rhetorical question, I know you can't because he didn't say who it was," -MoistCr1tikal

Technically, anyone could have written the report Dream referenced throughout his defense. It is up to every individual to determine whether or not they believe that report actually came from a qualitied individual.

"You can't make a response like that, that hinges on the qualifications of your Harvard phD, statistical astrophysics grad and not give info on who did it. That's not how that works. I could have said that,' -MoistCr1tikal

At the end of the day, MoistCr1tikal makes a solid point. The internet and Minecraft community should have some degree of skepticism when evaluating Dream's defense. However, no one can be sure of anything at this point.

Published 28 Dec 2020, 00:31 IST
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