Mojang could have introduced another new weapon in Minecraft 1.21 using sculk

Mojang Studios could have added a new sculk-related weapon to Minecraft 1.21 (Image via Mojang Studios)
Mojang Studios could have added a new sculk-related weapon to Minecraft 1.21 (Image via Mojang Studios)

Mojang Studios will release the Minecraft 1.21 update on June 13, 2024. This update brings a plethora of fresh features, like new structures, blocks, items, and more. Among them is the new mace weapon, which can be crafted by players. Along with introducing new features, the developers have always tried to update existing features in several installments.

Previously, Mojang Studios released the deep dark biome and a new set of sculk blocks with a 1.19 Wild update. However, the developers have barely updated this content in a new and interesting way. Since they introduced a unique weapon as the mace for the update, they could have offered another weapon related to sculk.

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A sculk-related weapon could have also been added to Minecraft 1.21

Unique properties of sculk perfect for a unique weapon


When Mojang Studios introduced the set of sculk blocks plaguing the Overworld's underground caves, many players were fascinated and wanted to learn more about it.

Several kinds of sculk blocks were generated underground, from regular sculk to shrieker, sensors, and catalysts. While sensors and shriekers' major use was to summon the Warden, the other two types of sculk were completely related to XP orbs. The overall theme of these blocks invovled souls, or XP points, dropped by an entity.

This very feature of the sculk could have been used to offer a brand-new weapon. The new weapon could have worked on the XP points — the souls of hostile mobs that it killed. Furthermore, it could have been linked to Warden.

Mojang Studios forced players to avoid the Warden by making it not drop anything significant upon death. However, with a special weapon made of a set of sculk blocks, the entity could've dropped a new item that could be used further.

The 1.19 update's major feature could have gotten a massive upgrade in Minecraft 1.21


While the 1.20 update brought several changes to sculk sensors and even introduced the newly calibrated sculk block, Minecraft 1.21 will make almost no major changes to the deep dark biome.

When sculk was first released, many in the community discussed how mysterious it was. They talked about lore that could be linked to them. This proved that the new set of blocks, the biome, and even the Ancient City structure had massive potential to grow in later installments.

Apart from a minor change for sculk sensors and calibrated sculk sensors, nothing much has been altered for the upcoming update.

The special properties of the sculk and its potential to grow in terms of features could have been used by Mojang Studios in Minecraft 1.21 to provide a new weapon. More particularly, the developers could have added another new sculk-related weapon to the game with completely new damage mechanics and repair techniques.

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