New Warden mob in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update: Everything we know so far

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
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With Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs expected to come out in summer 2021, fans want to know everything about what to expect.

This update is game-changing — bringing new levels of difficulty to the game — and players worldwide are sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation. Although the full update will be astronomical, bringing the new copper ore and some fantastic blocks into the mix, one of the most interesting aspects is the new mob: The Warden.

What is Minecraft's new Warden mob?

Image via ZAMination, Twitter
Image via ZAMination, Twitter

Introduced to the community at the Minecon 2020 showcase, the Warden is a new miniboss-esque mob coming to the game with the 1.17 update. Players can seek out this mob by adventuring the newly improved cave systems of the game. This mob lurks in the new Deep Dark biome, found at the deepest depths of the world.

Although there hasn't been much information confirmed about the mob, what is known is that it is incredibly strong. It can kill a player wearing netherite armor in only two hits, meaning each hit can deal up to 31 hit points of damage, or 15 and a half hearts.

A mob like that seems overpowered, but the Minecon team also revealed that the mob is blind! It cannot see a player; instead, it uses its surroundings and its echolocation-like powers to sense his/her position.

If the Warden is blind, how can it find the player?

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Alongside the Warden, new blocks called skulk sensors are being added to the Minecraft via the 1.17 update. These sensors can pick up any vibrations created around them and send out a signal that the Warden can pick up.

It's currently known that these sensors can detect anything from the placement of blocks to a player's footsteps to even the opening of chests. It can also detect the shooting of projectiles (such as arrows and snowballs,) meaning that these terrifying creatures can be lured away from a player if done correctly.

As shown in the Minecon 2020 release video, snowballs can be thrown to confuse the Warden and lead it to different areas around the deep dark caverns.

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However, players should be careful because once this mob has recognized their presence, it will quickly latch onto them to attack. With its massive hit strength and 42+ hearts (84 hit points,) this monster will be difficult to kill if approached with any attitude other than hesitancy.

It is currently unknown what a mob of this caliber will drop, but it can be assumed that they will be substantial.


Unlike Minecraft's boss mobs — the Ender Dragon and the Wither — the Warden isn't technically meant to be fought. The developers admitted during Minecon 2020 that it is not intended to be killed by players. Instead, this new Minecraft addition acts as something the player must sneak by and elude. It has to be seen as something to be feared.

This will bring a bit more challenge to Minecraft, which is welcomed wholeheartedly and adds an element of sneakiness to the game.

Facts about the Warden

Image via
Image via

Some other things known about Minecraft's new mob, the Warden, include:

  • The Warden is actually taller than both Iron Golems and Endermen, standing in at four blocks tall. This means that the Warden is twice as tall as Steve!
  • It protects an area in the Deep Dark caverns with cobwebs, candles, and chests. To get the chests' contents, the player must lure the mob away from the area first.
  • The mob's presence in the Deep Dark will cause lighting in the area to flicker occasionally, in addition to emitting a heartbeat sound that increases if attacked.
  • The Warden seems to get faster once attacked, approaching the player with speed that rivals the player. This means it will be more difficult to escape if attacked.

Minecraft players are waiting in anticipation for the drop of Minecraft Update 1.17: Caves and Cliffs. With such power and importance, these unique updates will be game-changing, giving even veterans the feeling of exploring an entirely new game. This new Warden mob will be a great challenge for those who have incredibly advanced worlds where they are looking for a bit more of an adventure in the incredible world of Minecraft.

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