5 best armor enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons (2021)

Armor can be enchanted with a lot of different benefits. (Image via Mojang)
Armor can be enchanted with a lot of different benefits. (Image via Mojang)
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Similar to Minecraft, enchantments play a vital role in Minecraft Dungeons as well.

They're used to enhance items in the game, though there are a few of them that branch out in different directions.

Just like in Minecraft, armor is a prime recipient of enchantments. Unlike in the original, players won't be choosing from Protection IV, Thorns I and Blast Protection III. Having said that, one needs to assess their options when it comes to armor enchantments.

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Minecraft Dungeons: 5 ideal armor enchantments

Here are five of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

5) Cowardice

With this enchantment, players will see increased range and melee damage if they are at full health. As with many enchantments, there are three tiers. The first tier has a 20 percent increase, the second has 30 percent while the third and final stands at 40 percent.

minecraft cowardice is perhaps the funniest kind of cowardice

It does require a full health bar, but the damage boost is worth it, even for a short time. Players who attack from range will feel more empowered by this enchantment.

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4) Swiftfooted

Speed is important in Minecraft Dungeons and this enchantment will further enhance that attribute. It grants a speed boost after rolling, which makes for clean getaways.

Minecraft DungeonsSuper Speedy: Total Enchant Points Cost - 60 Weapons: Bow- Piercing III, Tempo Theft III, Rapid Fire IIIMelee- Freezing III, Stunning III, Soul Siphon IIIArmor: Evocation Robe- Swiftfooted III, Speed Synergy III, Soul Speed IIIArtifacts: 3x Swiftness Boots

Players can use the roll move to escape enemies and receive a speed boost of 30 percent, 40 percent or 50 percent depending on the tier level.

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3) Frenzied

This enchantment is great for those who predominantly attack in close quarters. This will boost the speed of melee and ranged attacks by 10 percent, 20 percent or 30 percent, based on the tier. It will be active while the player is below half health, so it's great as a contingency plan.

Frenzied is a strong armor enchantment.(Image via Mojang)
Frenzied is a strong armor enchantment.(Image via Mojang)

Upon reaching low health, players will start attacking quicker and be able to escape a dangerous situation.

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2) Final Shout

This is one of the best enchantments in the entire game. Minecraft Dungeons players who are lucky enough to have this enchantment have an ace up their sleeve at all times.

Final Shout is incredible as a last resort.(Image via Mojang)
Final Shout is incredible as a last resort.(Image via Mojang)

With this enchantment, when a player's health drops to under 25 percent, all equipped artifacts will be activated. The cooldown periods will be ignored, making this an incredible acquisition.

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1) Thorns

Compared to the original, this enchantment works a lot better in Minecraft Dungeons. It functions the same way: damage received will be dealt back to the mobs or enemies. However, the amount of damage can be massive in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons has enchanted mobs.In vanilla Minecraft, Guardians & Elder Guardians hurt back all melee attackers.Guardian enchanted with thorns III = pure pain…

Astonishing figures of 100 percent, 200 percent and even 300 percent can be returned at each tier of the enchantment. Defense is the best offense in this case.

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With such diversity in enchantments, Minecraft Dungeons is teeming with creativity and ideas. However, which of these works best?

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