How to change weather using commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft thunderstorm. Image via Minecraft
Minecraft thunderstorm. Image via Minecraft

Commands can be very useful for Minecraft players. Having total control over the gaming experience can be a huge relief because in Minecraft, the world is totally unpredictable.

The time, weather, mobs, spawn, location of players and structures can all be totally random. Fortunately, commands offer players the chance to control those facets a little more than the game would usually allow. They can do even more than what Creative mode allows.

One thing that is completely unpredictable in Minecraft is the weather. Fortunately, the weather can be controlled via a command, so here is how to do it in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition weather command

In Pocket Edition, commands are much simpler to use since they are typed on a keyboard. All commands in any version of Minecraft get entered into the chat bar, so typing them on the touchscreen can often be much easier than typing with an Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation controller.

For Bedrock, the syntax for the weather command is as follows: "/weather clear/rain/thunder [duration: integer]". The weather can be set to clear, rain or thunderstorms, and will need to have the duration specified.

Fortunately, on Pocket Edition, there's a much easier way to control it without having to remember and properly input the command.

In Pocket Edition, as well as a few other versions, there is a "commands" button. When entering the chat, there is a backslash for the commands button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Pressing it will bring up a few commands that the game can automatically perform. Through this feature, world spawn, teleport, time and weather can all be modified very easily.

Minecraft Pocket Edition commands. Image via Minecraft
Minecraft Pocket Edition commands. Image via Minecraft

Pressing the weather command button will prompt players to determine whether they'd like to set the weather to clear, rain or thunderstorms. After that, simply sending the message into the chat will change the weather.

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