How to make a Piston Elevator in Minecraft

Sticky pistons and slime blocks can make an elevator (Image via Mojang)
Sticky pistons and slime blocks can make an elevator (Image via Mojang)

Redstone is one of the most useful items in Minecraft. It can power a lot of things, and redstone devices like observers, tripwire hooks and pistons can make incredible assets in the game.

A block-based building game probably shouldn't be able to produce working devices, but that's the power of redstone. A piston elevator is a prime example of that and it's one of the most useful examples, too. Here's how to make one.

Making Piston Elevators in Minecraft

Piston elevators can be made in many different shapes and sizes. They do have a few items that are always necessary. Slime blocks, sticky pistons and some sort of redstone trigger are necessary. The following can be used to trigger the redstone pulse:

  • Button
  • Lever
  • Observer
  • Tripwire hook and string
  • Pressure plate
  • Target block
Slime blocks are crucial (Image via Mojang)
Slime blocks are crucial (Image via Mojang)

Elevators can be made elaborately, but there is a way to make a fairly simple one. A slime block, when propelled by a piston, will launch players six blocks in the air.

In order to ensure players make it to the top of the "elevator," they should build the shaft to be five blocks above the slime block. This will help them make it to the top of the elevator easier.

A sticky piston is necessary because a regular piston will simply push the block up. The former piston ensures that players can reuse the elevator over and over again.

At the top of the shaft, Minecraft players should have a small two block tunnel to move into when they reach the top. This will be the exit for the elevator.

A lever or button is the most realistic option for triggering the piston. Placing one on the block beside the sticky piston will cause it to go off when the button or lever is clicked.

When using the elevator, players should be moving forward as they launch, so that they can move into the exit. For a more complex design, they can have another sticky piston and slime block combo at the top.

With an observer or a tripwire hook, Minecraft gamers can set it up to push the player forward and out of the elevator when they reach the appropriate level.

Players can also create an automatic door for the elevator to add a nice touch. They can also make it wider and connect multiple sticky pistons to the button with redstone dust if necessary.

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