How to repair a crossbow in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
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Crossbows are typically dropped by pillagers and piglins or found in pillager outposts and Bastion remnants on Minecraft. A player's inventory could be flooded with worn-down crossbows after a raid.

Keeping these crossbows can be helpful with repairs in the future. Using this equipment slowly damages it over time regardless of how it's used.

How to repair a crossbow in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Repairing a crossbow requires two or more damaged crossbows and an anvil. Players can also use a grindstone to do this, but enchantments will be removed.

Anvils will not take enchantments off an item. They can be used to add enchantments by using a book of enchanting with the desired equipment on the anvil.

Items that break over time can be repaired by taking two of the same item and combining them on either an anvil or a grindstone. Depending on how damaged the crossbow is, Minecraft players may need more than two to fully repair it.

Two crossbows that are on the verge of breaking will make one with a little left to go. Meanwhile, two at half-health will create one as good as new.

Players can find new crossbows in chests at a pillager outpost or in Baston remnants. However, most Minecraft pillagers and piglins will drop a damaged crossbow at despawn.

Raids can sometimes yield enough crossbows to make and maintain a new one for a long time before needing another. The same can be said for going into either the pillager outposts or a bastion remnant in Minecraft.

The despawned crossbow may occasionally have an arrow locked into it. One way to keep that arrow is by placing that particular crossbow in the first square on the anvil. Grindstones in Minecraft will transfer the arrow regardless of the order they go in.

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