"I am interested in possibly doing a face reveal in the future and meet fans in person": Minecraft streamer Corinthius on his journey in content creation

Minecraft streamer Corinthius - Minecraft
Minecraft streamer Corinthius - Minecraft

When it comes to video game content, Minecraft has definitely been one of the most popular and successful titles out there.

Many streamers and YouTubers have been able to push the boundaries with the game, and make some unique content with all the features that Minecraft has to offer.

Corinthius is one of those YouTubers ,who often pushes the creative boundaries with Minecraft and comes up with some of the most unique challenges one can think of.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports' Abhishek Mallick, the Minecraft YouTuber opens up about his journey as a content creator and what he feels keeps the title fresh even after so many years.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. With over 250k subscribers, your Minecraft YouTube channel has indeed become very popular in a very short while. What got you started? Tell us about some of the inspiration that went behind the making of Corinthius.

Corinthius: I have loved playing Minecraft since it came out. I would spend hours building and playing with friends. I honestly did not know Minecraft Youtubers were a thing until around 2017. Then, I started watching Grian’s videos. He has been a big Minecraft Youtuber for a long time and has had a lot of cool videos. One of my favorites was his Build Swap series.

Through that, I got to know more about Minecraft YouTubers and began watching Minecraft Roleplay videos. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and it inspired me to play even more than before, building cool roleplay sets just for fun. In July of 2018, Grian joined Hermitcraft and this is when Hermitcraft really began gaining more popularity. I started to watch almost all the Hermits’ Let’s Plays and dreamed to be a part of the fun.


I made my channel in October 2019 while I was still in college but did not upload anything. It was initially called “Corinthius Animations”, but the animation was a lot harder than I expected and the real dream was to play Minecraft. After I had finished college, in February 2020, my friend, who no longer makes Minecraft content, and I began making our own Let’s Play videos. After that, we joined an SMP, or Survival Multiplayer Server, with other small YouTubers. While people see my recent success, what they do not see is the full year of hard work, posting weekly and then biweekly videos.

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I researched how to grow on YouTube constantly, studied what makes the famous Minecraft Youtubers so popular, and tried to make each video better than the last. These videos were unlisted once I decided to dedicate my channel to 100 Days content. Some videos can be found on my second channel, “Corinthius Extra” and many of them are available on my Patreon. Looking back on it, posting two times a week helped me be able to make videos efficiently and become better at every aspect of being a Youtuber.

It prepared me to make consistent content for 100 days, that hopefully has better quality with each post and has caused this exponential growth. This recent success has been a huge blessing. I would say I happened to be in the right place at the right time, ready and prepared to jump on the 100 days trend.

I still stay in touch with the most of the Youtubers I befriended throughout 2020, before my recent success. In fact, three of them are also 100 days YouTubers with fairly big followings themselves now. Their channels are: Skeey, GamerZ, and LockDownLife. Skeey was inspired by the revitalization of the 100 days trend, so he made his first 100 Days video in Ultra Hardcore Minecraft.

When Gamerz, Lockdown, and I saw his success, we wanted to try the trend out ourselves. He suggested we do it and we all tried to think of a way to put our own spin on the trend. GamerZ and Lockdown made their videos together and I decided to make my first video of Mega Ultra Hardcore.

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I was at around 800 subscribers when I posted my first 100 days video. As I began to grow, I made friends with bigger Youtubers, such as xNestorio, who gave me some pointers in how to grow steadily on YouTube and now here we are.

Q. Why the name Corinthius? Is there an interesting anecdote behind keeping your channel and in-game name that?

Corinthius: have always been fascinated with Mediterranean history, including Greek history. When I made my Minecraft username, I wanted a Greek or Roman-style name. Corinth was a Greek city, so I added an “ius” to it like many Roman/Greek names had back then. I really like how it sounds. When I created the name and my custom skin, I had the intention to play on the Lord of the Craft Server which is a Lord of the Rings Roleplay Minecraft Server, because you had to submit a skin and a backstory for your character to be whitelisted.

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Q. You are not too keen on revealing your identity to your fans and the wider Minecraft community. Is there a special reason as to why you want to stay anonymous for the time being? And would you consider revealing who you are at a later date?

Corinthius: I would like to keep my identity a secret for security reasons. It is better safe than sorry. However, I still am interested in possibly doing a face reveal sometime in the future. It would be cool to be able to go to events like MineCon and meet fans in person once things get back to normal around the world.


Q. Your channel is known for its unique take on Minecraft’s hardcore mode, in which you take the game mode difficulty up a notch. How did you come with the idea of Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft?

Corinthius: I explained a bit in question one about how I got the idea. My friend Skeey did a 100 Days video in Ultra Hardcore Minecraft. This is where you only get one life and you have to use certain items in the game to heal yourself, your health does not go up naturally.

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I thought his video was really good, but I thought to myself, “How could I turn it up a notch and make it even harder, while still staying true to Vanilla Minecraft?” I figured it would be good to try to make my audience feel nostalgic and add things to my video that reminds them of when Minecraft was new, while still taking advantage of the modern updates. I wanted to go with a Medieval build style, because that is really the only style you could build back when the game first came out.


I also decided to use all the original songs from the game for my background music, but of course, I love Pigstep too. While I was looking back at old Minecraft content and playing it myself for inspiration, one name popped out at me that brought me back to 2013, “Herobrine”. The mystery and creepiness behind the lore make him a popular subject.

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There were a few lore videos made fairly recently talking about Herobrine and they performed pretty well on YouTube. I saw there was interest there and figured he would fit perfectly into that nostalgic vibe I was going for.

Q. Tell us about some of the interesting elements that you included in Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft? What role does Herobrine play in adding that extra bit of difficulty to the game?

Corinthius: Music is really important when making a Minecraft video. It sets the tone. You will see in each of my videos, I am very specific in my choice of the song depending on what is happening in the video. While I used Minecraft music for most of the video, I put a few other songs in like for the building time-lapse and the dragon fight scene and post-fight scene. I also played Pigstep any time I was in the nether.

Another thing that I think makes my videos stand out is the third-person shots. I strive to make my videos feel as though you are watching a little movie. Also, I try to add a bit of a storyline to each video with different goals to be working toward.

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Herobrine is historically known for messing with the world where the player is not at, for the player to eventually stumble upon while exploring. I wanted to make Herobrine become more and more aggressive. He started out doing little pranks while I was away from my base or preoccupied.


These pranks were harmless, and if I was not paying attention, sometimes might go unnoticed. It started with Herobrine trying to slow my progress in the world. However, with each video, I wanted Herobrine to become more dangerous. The pranks would become no longer small nuisances but put life more and more in danger, making the series become more and more intense because I only have one life. Normally the world is dangerous, but you can do many things to stay secure.

Herobrine is different from the rest of the game. While lava is there for you to fall in and mobs are there to attack you only if you get close, I wanted Herobrine to be actively trying to get me killed. This creates suspense because you never know what he will throw at you. He could cause a raid while you are peacefully walking through a village, he could spawn a wither in the middle of your builds, or he just outright attacks you!


The coolest aspect to me in the series is Herobrine’s virus. In 300 Days, I find Herobrine’s base, and I see something unusual, it looks like a computer virus or something. In 400 Days, the virus begins to spread, and in 500 days? Well, you will have to just watch for yourself.

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Q. For players who are just starting out with Minecraft’s base Hardcore mode, what would your top 5 tips be to help them survive the harsh elements of the world for longer?


1. Do not panic. If I get too close to an edge, I will jump around too much trying to save myself but end up accidentally jumping up and getting myself killed. Or I try to run from angry endermen instead of just placing down a water bucket or doing something else to save myself. Just stay levelheaded and address the problem at hand.

2. Avoid overusing your Elytra. I will only really use it while building big things or traveling long distances. You could crash or run out of durability and its game over.

3. Do not build at night, unless you have the whole area lit up and you have slept recently to avoid phantoms.


4. Avoid building things you can fall off from and die. Place water, honey, slime, or hay below big builds. If you plan to build big things wear an elytra and carry a water bucket in your hot bar.

5. Get a bed as soon as possible to sleep through the night whenever needed and light up the area more than you think you would need to so no mobs spawn anywhere near you.

Q. Why create a channel solely around Minecraft? What about the game makes you want to grind it and create so much content on?

Corinthius: It is much easier to grow on YouTube when you make all your content around one niche or game. A lot of my Minecraft fans are not interested in seeing other games, so those videos will not perform well. Those who will watch me play other games can watch me play them on my Twitch or second YouTube channel. Minecraft is the perfect game for YouTube.

With mods, you can do whatever you want in the game. This opens up endless possibilities! You can play a lot of other games in Minecraft too. For example, there is a Halo mod, that adds many features from the Halo game into Minecraft. Even in Vanilla Minecraft, there are so many blocks now that you can build whatever you want and there are so many biomes to build in. Every Minecraft world is a unique experience.


Q. Outside the channel what other games do you enjoy apart from Minecraft? Can fans expect you to feature any one of them in the future?

Corinthius: I love open world type games! I am currently streaming Subnautica on my Twitch channel. Once I beat that, I would like to play Subnautica Below Zero, Terraria, and Starbound. I am hoping Hytale will come out soon and I would also like to play Minecraft Dungeons.

I would love to play different Pokémon games too. My main channel will stick with Minecraft, but on my Twitch (Corinthius33) I will be playing many games along with Minecraft. And those streams are uploaded to my second channel (Corinthius Extra).

Q. Growing up, talk to us about some of your experiences with video games, along with when and how you were introduced to Minecraft?

Corinthius: I grew up playing all the Pokémon games. Once I got into middle school, I got my first Xbox 360 and got Halo 3. I first played Minecraft on my friend’s pc before eventually getting it for my Xbox once it came out for that. I played Minecraft on and off for years until my girlfriend, who is now my wife, bought me Minecraft for the PC in 2016. That is when I made the account I use today, and I have played consistently since then.


Q. What’s the future like for Corinthius? What can fans expect from the channel in the near future?

Corinthius: I am excited and committed to making a lot of 100 Days content. People enjoy watching them, and I really enjoy making them. These types of videos are very time-consuming to make, that is why I can not post too often. Right now, I am doing almost everything. I would like to expand my team soon so that way I can make even better content, more frequently. Once I am posting on my main channel the way that I would like, I would also love to post other types of Minecraft challenges and content on my second channel. I am hoping to collaborate with many other YouTubers and establish a big community fostered by fun and kindness.

YouTube is always changing and improving, so I am ready to adapt, but my goal is always to entertain my audience as best I can.


Q. Is there anyone else in the Minecraft community you are close to and frequently connect with?

Corinthius: I think it is important to support your fellow creators. YouTube does not have to be a competition. I believe we can share audiences, and all grow together. That being said, I continually try to support as many other YouTubers as I can. I like making new friends and hope to do many collaborations. In addition to Skeey, GamerZ, and Lockdown, I am becoming friends with Painful, ForrestBono, xNestorio, along with many other YouTubers, especially other 100 Days YouTubers.

Q. What do you think are the primary reasons that have kept Minecraft as popular as it was when it released initially?

Corinthius: I think the additions that Mojang have made, have kept the game popular. After Minecraft was initially released, the updates help to keep it afloat along with the countless mods made for the game. These combined helped Minecraft make it to the 1.13 Aquatic Update. This update was a literal game-changer.


It got many people back into the game and many new people interested. The water in general used to be a bit annoying to work with and you used to move so slow while traveling through water without a boat. Now we can actually swim and swim really fast with dolphins. The Villager update and especially the Nether update gave new life to two more big parts of the game.

The community continues to grow and is excited for each update Mojang plans to release. Each update tweaks Minecraft in a way where it feels like you are playing a new game, while still staying true to the original release.

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