Lightning Rod in Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update: All you need to know

A lightning rod in use on top of a house. Image via Minecraft Wiki
A lightning rod in use on top of a house. Image via Minecraft Wiki

The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update has finally arrived, at least in part. Part 1 was released yesterday, and Part 2 is likely coming at the end of the year. The first part focuses on bringing new ores, new textures and mobs. One of the biggest additions to the game is copper.

Players can mine raw copper and use it for many things, including a spyglass and a lightning rod. Lighting rods can be one of the most useful additions to the game. Here's everything players need to know about them.

Minecraft: All about lightning rods

The crafting recipe is simple: it only requires three copper ingots. These can be acquired after mining raw copper and smelting them in a furnace or a blast furnace. Place them in the middle of the crafting grid and craft.

The lighting rod, when placed, will redirect any and all lightning strikes within a 32 block radius and 64 blocks in Minecraft: Bedrock edition. Whatever the intended target of the lightning strike was, it will be sent towards the lightning rod.

Lighting rods in Minecraft. Image via Sportskeeda
Lighting rods in Minecraft. Image via Sportskeeda

This can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Many players build their houses out of wood, and if lightning strikes it, it'll catch on fire. This can burn the house down if a player doesn't stop it quickly enough. This can also be beneficial to avoid forest fires if players live near or in a forest.

Lightning rods can also redirect lightning blasts from players with a trident. If attacked, lightning rods will keep players safe from any lightning strikes, no matter where the opponent aims them.

Another reason Minecraft players might want to utilize a lightning rod is to create charged Creepers. Creepers are difficult to work with, and the only other way of controlling when and where a charged Creeper shows up would be with a trident and the Channeling enchantment, both of which are a lot more difficult to acquire than copper.

Charged Creeper. Image via Minecraft Wiki
Charged Creeper. Image via Minecraft Wiki

Placing a lightning rod in the area of a trapped Creeper will likely result in a charged Creeper sooner rather than later. Charged Creepers, while ultimately a lot more dangerous than the standard Creeper, have a use.

Charged Creepers, when detonated, will cause any mobs in the blast radius to die and drop their heads. This is the only way for Minecraft players to get mob heads, aside from the Ender Dragon head, without using Creative mode. These don't have any use other than as decoration, but nothing is quite as big of a flex as having mob heads.

While they are only useful in a lightning storm, which is less frequent than rain, the lightning rod becomes extremely valuable in those storms. Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1 has been released and is available to play now.

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Edited by Gautham Balaji
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