Minecraft 1.17.30 Bedrock update patch notes: List of changes and fixes revealed

Lush caves biome (Image via Minecraft)
Lush caves biome (Image via Minecraft)

After releasing a beta update last week, developers of Minecraft have released another update. The 1.17.30 update is now available on all devices that run the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

This update brings many changes and bug fixes to improve the player's gaming experience. More Experimental Features from the upcoming 1.18 updates have also been added.

Minecraft 1.17.30 Bedrock update


New Non-Experimental features

  • A new game rule, "Respawn Blocks Explode", has been added. Players can use it to prevent respawn anchors and beds from exploding.
  • Corner mode will only detect corner blocks with the same name as the structure being saved.

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New Experimental features and changes

  • Hostile mobs can now only spawn in places where it is completely dark. This change does not affect the skylight.
  • New biome and terrain generation has been introduced. It creates more natural terrains and better biome transitions.
  • The surface decoration has been improved which detects the difference between when blocks are generated underwater and underground.
  • Naturally generated ore veins are a lot larger now.
  • Noodle cave generations have been added.
  • The possibility of dry cave entrances generating naturally has been introduced.
  • A new algorithm for finding a suitable spawn point close to the origin has been added.
  • Added logic to save and load SubChunks by absolute Y index to support data-driven dimension height ranges.
  • The Achievements button has been updated. It has also been moved from the profile screen to the main menu and pause screens.

Main fixes

  • Pasting Unicode text into Book & Quill has been optimised.
  • A crash that could occur when the player is creating a crafting table with gameplay tips enabled has been fixed.
  • A crash that could occur after disconnecting from the internet while playing an online session as the client on iOS has been fixed.
  • A crash that could occur when the player tries to download large maps from the Minecraft marketplace has been fixed.
  • When a world is generated with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled, it is more likely to spawn the player at the same default spawn point as worlds without the experiment using the same seed.
  • Respawn from bed behaviour has been matched with Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Nether portals will no longer break when placed chunks when the player leaves the Nether.
  • Enchanting Table's enchantment probability is now weighted.
  • Incorrect position when dismounting at a negative world height has been fixed.
  • Abandoned villages generate a lot less.
  • Players no longer take damage when falling into scaffolding.
  • Iron golem spawning logic has been tweaked to match Java Edition.
  • Fishes or axolotls, when captured using a bucket, no longer immediately releases them.
  • Armor stands in Minecraft now drop items when destroyed by lava or fire.
  • The maximum number of Minecraft phantoms that can spawn has been limited.
  • Fixed an issue causing Slime and Honey Block movement slowdown to not be fully applied to players.
  • Players can no longer add more candles to those candles that are placed without any block support.
  • Shulker Boxes now drop their contents when destroyed as an item.
  • Players will no longer take fall damage after eating chorus fruit while gliding.
  • The diamond pickaxes that generate in the chests of hoglin stables are enchanted.

Interested gamers can learn more about technical updates, audio fixes, and more from the official Mojang website.

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