Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 6 for Java Edition: Full list of changes revealed

Experimental Snapshot 6 (Image via Minecraft)
Experimental Snapshot 6 (Image via Minecraft)

The developers of Minecraft are working hard and have released another experimental snapshot for the forthcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update part 2. They have released six different experimental snapshots so far, and all of them have shown major changes to biome generation and placement.

Two biomes of different temperatures clashing with each other have been a big problem for the developers. They have tried to fix biome placement in almost all of the experimental snapshots released.

Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 6


Changes made in the experimental snapshot 6 compared to the previous snapshot

  • The placement of the new mountain biomes has been tweaked to match mountain terrain and temperature better. Snowy slopes and grove sub biomes are less likely to generate on mountain peaks. They will also start generating from a lower height in a cold climate and a higher height in temperate and hot climates.
  • To reduce the chances of cold microbiomes generating, changes have been made to biome placement.
  • Due to an accidental change, lush caves were made smaller and more fragmented. Mojang has fixed this in this snapshot.
  • Giant spruce and giant tree taiga biomes no longer count as cold climates from a biome placement perspective. They are now less likely to mix in with snowy biomes.
  • Number of water springs that generate naturally have been slightly reduced.
  • Underwater magma will generate slightly more in Minecraft. This will help the players restore their breath when exploring the aquifers.
  • Changes have been made to how aquifers are generated. They will connect to caves a lot more now.
  • Underwater ravines are back. Changes have been made to how they are generated, and now they look a lot more natural. Like underwater caves, players will get to see underwater magma in ravines as well.
  • Changes have been made to llamas, horses, mules, and donkeys to help players get their horses across deep rivers. Horses, mules, and donkeys will follow players holding golden carrots, golden apples, and enchanted golden apples. Similarly, llamas follow hay bales.
  • Once again, changes have been made to how the swamp biome generates in Minecraft. Players can now find them in dry areas, and they should be less fragmented now.

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