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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Echolocation

Dolphins swimming near a shipwreck in Minecraft. (Image via
Dolphins swimming near a shipwreck in Minecraft. (Image via
Modified 18 Feb 2021

Minecraft Bedrock players earn the "Echolocation" achievement by feeding a befriended dolphin a piece of raw fish, in order to be led to an underwater structure.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures that call the oceans of Minecraft their home. These aquatic mammals are well-known for their ability to grant a swim speed boost, but can also serve as invaluable companions to treasure hunters.

Once a Minecraft player has earned the trust of a dolphin, the animal will serve as a guide and lead players to a nearby underwater structure after they have been given a tasty treat.

Minecraft Bedrock players who perform this task properly, will also complete a rather neat achievement.

This article breaks down how Minecraft Bedrock players can utilize dolphins to locate underwater structures, and thus earn the "Echolocation" achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Echolocation

In order to earn this achievement, Minecraft Bedrock players going to need to locate a dolphin. Dolphins can be found in almost all ocean biomes, with the exception of frozen and cold ocean variations.

Minecraft players who face difficulty finding a proper ocean biome can refer to this full guide, which breaks down how to find practically any specific biome in every individual game world.


Once players have found a dolphin, they will need to feed the friendly creature a raw salmon or raw cod in order to earn the dolphin's trust.

Raw cod or raw salmon can be acquired through fishing with fishing rod. These tasty pieces of fish can also be obtained by slaying the mob version in the waters of Minecraft.

After feeding a befriended dolphin with some appropriate raw fish, the aquatic mammal will lead the Minecraft player who fed them to a nearby underwater structure.

The underwater structure that the dolphin will lead the player to is either a buried treasure chest, shipwreck, or underwater ruin.

Minecraft Bedrock players who follow the dolphin to the underwater structure successfully will earn the "Echolocation" achievement.

As a note, dolphins are attracted to and honed in to the chests inside of these structures. Once a player has taken the loot found inside, they can break the chest to "reset" the dolphin.

Minecraft players can then feed the dolphin additional raw fish to be led to a brand new underwater structure.

This method is fully repeatable and can be a great way for players to explore the oceans of Minecraft and obtain some sweet treasure in the process.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 00:18 IST
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