Minecraft Snapshot 22w13a: Everything you need to know

The Allay mob (Image via Mojang)
The Allay mob (Image via Mojang)

Every week, Mojang releases another Minecraft snapshot for Java Edition and today is the day for the latest one. Snapshot 22w13a has finally been released and brings about several important changes.

While there's no date officially set for the arrival of 1.19 The Wild Update, every snapshot, beta or preview gets gamers that much closer to the highly anticipated release.

Last week's snapshot finally introduced the Warden after the crafters had been patiently waiting since the 1.17 update. Boats with chests were also introduced then. Here's what's new this week for Java Edition players.

Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot features and more

The announcement comes courtesy of SlicedLime, a tech developer for Mojang who has been announcing the snapshots every week.

Here's what Mojang said on their official blog:

"Allay, the mob that nobody is really sure how to pronounce, is now entering the latest Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. Along with our new shiny blue friend, we've added the ancient cities, which have seen some pretty drastic changes since the experimental snapshot a few weeks ago, so make sure you check them out."

These are the two biggest changes introduced, Allay and Ancient Cities. They've both received a few new tweaks in this snapshot as well.

  • Allays will collect all surrounding items that match what they are holding.
  • Players who hand Allays the item will become "liked" by the mob.
  • If a note block plays, the Allay will be connected to it for 30 seconds and will go to it and bring items to it.
  • Allays can be found naturally in Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions.

Ancient Cities are part of the Deep Dark biome, which gets more complete every week.

  • Ancient City generated structures will spawn in the Deep Dark.
  • Chests there, which are guarded by Sculk Shriekers and Sensors, can have the new Swift Sneaking enchantment.
  • Reinforced Deepslate will be found here.
  • No mobs can spawn in the cities.
Ancient Cities in Deep Dark (Image via Mojang)
Ancient Cities in Deep Dark (Image via Mojang)

Mojang also introduced a few unrelated but key changes to Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Crafting recipes for minecart with chest, furnace, TNT or hopper are shapeless now.
  • Only wool or carpet block note block sounds.
  • Killing a mob near a Sculk Catalyst is an advancement now.

For full patch notes and more information, please visit the official Mojang site.

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