Minecraft snapshot 22w46a patch notes: Playable mob sounds, new piglin head, and more

New snapshot is out (Image via Mojang)
New snapshot is out (Image via Mojang)

On Wednesdays, Minecraft developer Mojang usually releases a new snapshot for the next patch for the title. The most recent one, launched this week, has brought some fresh features for the 1.20 update.

Snapshot 22w46a introduced a new functionality involving mob heads. Players can now use them to create mob sounds from note blocks. Moreover, the latest release also added piglin mob heads, which can be obtained by killing piglins with charged creeper explosions.

This Minecraft snapshot has also nerfed certain nether portal-based farms and made a couple of more tweaks to the creative inventory tab. Now, it's time to look at all the changes and new features in snapshot 22w46a.

Minecraft snapshot 22w46a patch notes are out

New experimental features in snapshot 22w46a

  • Books in Chiseled Bookshelf can be added or removed from any slot by targeting the specific slot.

Mob head on note blocks interaction

  • When placing a Mob Head on a Note Block, that Note Block will now play one of the ambient sounds of that mob when played by a player or powered by Redstone.

New piglin mob head

  • Piglins will now drop their heads when killed by a charged Creeper.
  • Placing the Piglin head on a Noteblock will play one of the Piglin's ambient sounds.
  • The Piglin head will flap its ears when powered by Redstone or when worn by a player while walking.

Changes in snapshot 22w46a

  • In the Nether dimension Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons now only spawn at light level 7 and below (instead of 11 and below).
  • This is intended to nerf certain portal-based mob farms.
  • Added new top textures for Block of Bamboo and Block of Stripped Bamboo.
  • Bamboo Plank texture has been tweaked to match the same tiling pattern as other plank variants.

Creative inventory changes

  • Reordered Redstone tab based on feedback
  • Added Rails to the Tools & Utilities tab next to Minecarts.

Technical changes in Minecraft snapshot 22w46a

  • Blocks carried by Endermen now use loot tables to generate drops when killed.
  • Changes to texture loading and stitching.
  • Translation files and pack.mcmeta are now including non-ASCII characters (encoded as UTF-8) directly instead of using escape sequences.
  • Added new Telemetry Events.

New command

  • New command: fillbiome
  • New execute sub-command: execute if|unless biome
  • Changes biome entries for an area. Note that biomes are not stored per block, so affected positions may not match input precisely.
  • Syntax: fillbiome

As usual, there have been tons of bug fixes in Minecraft snapshot 22w46a. Players can learn more about the new offering and telemetry events in the official patch notes.