Mojang reveals new maps for Minecraft Java Realms

Official Minecraft poster (Image via Mojang)
Official Minecraft poster (Image via Mojang)

Mojang has released not one or two but twelve new realm maps for the Minecraft Java Edition.

For those unaware, Minecraft realms are a subscription-based service using which players can get their private servers. They are excellent for playing with friends.

There are many different custom maps with mini-games that players can choose to play on their realms. Realm community map makers create these custom maps. Maps released today were created to please the pillagers. Therefore most maps use crossbows for combat.

New Realm maps for Minecraft Java Edition

Dungeon of the Arbalist


This Realm map was created by an independent map-making team called Command Realm. Minecrafters get to play a mini-game where they have to use crossbows to fight their opponents on this map.

It also has an upgrade system for improving the crossbows. Players can unlock a dungeon by finding treasures. There's also a lobby filled with pillagers to go along with the theme.

Villagers Avengers

Village avenger realm map (Image via Mojang)
Village avenger realm map (Image via Mojang)

This map was created by YEGGS. It features wave-based combat and like the previous map, players need to use crossbows to defend themselves or fight back. There's also a cool feature in the map that makes the arrows explode when two of them collide.

Heart Rush 2

Heart rush 2 realm map (Image via Mojang)
Heart rush 2 realm map (Image via Mojang)

This map is the second part of the Heart Rush map created by CROWDFORD. There are big arenas in this map and a skill system to ensure players do not have to battle against someone more skilled. Heart rush 2 has a new feature as well that lets players create their own skills. This is one of the best maps for PvP battles.

List of other maps released today

  • Game of Life and Death by INGOHHACKS
  • Disc 600 - An Extreme Parkour Map by NICK_TEAM, ARRGS & MYSTICALSEA
  • Under The Great Blue by BOOG, JONAH_ & SNUZ
  • Arctic Fishing Village by ZALDORIA, FERAN & 62H
  • Sneaky Snipers 3 by ASEIWEN
  • Frozen Conquest by SNUZ, BOOG & JONAH_
  • Sadin Castle by CRUBIE
  • Oriental Outpost by SNUZ & JONAH_
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