Piglins vs Hoglins in Minecraft: How different are the two mobs?

A herd of Piglins (Image via Minecraft web)
A herd of Piglins (Image via Minecraft web)
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Piglins and Hoglins are both prominent Nether mobs in Minecraft. The two mobs are often found together and are both relatively new to the game.

Hoglins are large and beast-like, while Piglins resemble zombie pigmen and players. These creatures have a lot of similarities, including their home dimension and general behavior.

Here is a comprehensive list of the similarities and differences between Hoglins and Piglins in Minecraft.

Differences between Piglins and Hoglins in Minecraft

#1 Appearance

Minecraft Piglin (Image via gamepur)
Minecraft Piglin (Image via gamepur)

Piglins and Hoglins may have similar names, but they share little resemblance as far as appearances go. The only similarity between Piglins and Hoglins is their resemblance to pigs.

Piglins are pinkish-brown in color. These creatures stand on two legs like zombie pigmen. However, players shouldn't confuse piglins with zombified piglins or zombie pigmen, as both are different species. Piglins have faces that are similar to pigs and don a gold belt with a dark torn top and pants.

Minecraft Hoglin's appearance (Image via kindpng)
Minecraft Hoglin's appearance (Image via kindpng)

Hoglins, on the other hand, walk on all fours, just like regular pigs in Minecraft. These creatures are large and are almost the size of Minecraft ravagers.

Hoglins have horns and faces that are similar to pigs. Their color is pinkish-brown, and they have a spine-like back. Hoglins don't have any clothes since they're more beast than man.

#2 Health points


Hoglins and Piglins have varying health points upon generation.

The Hoglin is a much stronger mob than Piglins. Hoglins have 40 health points, making them a relatively difficult mob to kill.

Meanwhile, Piglins can be killed relatively quickly if they're alone as they only have 16 health points. However, players should beware as these mobs occasionally carry golden armor and swords.

#3 Attack Damage


In easy mode, a regular Hoglin attack is between 2.5 to 5 attack damage points, and a Piglin's is 2 to 4.

In normal mode, a Hoglin's attack is anywhere from 3 to 8 attack damage points, while a Piglin's attack is 2 to 5. In hard mode, a Hoglin's attack is 4.5 to 12, and a Piglin's attack is 3 to 5.

#4 Bartering

Minecraft illustration of a Piglin (Image via
Minecraft illustration of a Piglin (Image via

One major difference between Hoglins and Piglins is that players can actually barter with Piglins for certain items.

Piglins are somewhat intelligent and civilized creatures, unlike Hoglins. Players can even interact with them peacefully when wearing one piece of gold armor. Piglins are not hostile towards players wearing gold unless provoked.

Similarities between Piglins and Hoglins in Minecraft

#1 Behavior

Baby Minecraft Hoglin (Image via
Baby Minecraft Hoglin (Image via

Hoglins and Piglins have very similar behavior. These mobs are often found in the same area. Both mobs are very hostile towards players and feel a sense of community with their own species members. This means if the player attacks a Hoglin, the other Hoglins in the area will attack the player as well. The same thing works with Piglins in Minecraft.

Besides being hostile towards players, Piglins and Hoglins usually wander around their area in the Nether. Piglins will often pick up items, while Hoglins usually wander like the pigs in Minecraft.

#2 Habitat


Hoglins and Piglins are both native to the Nether dimension. Both species spawn here in groups of 2-4 and usually stay together as a pack.

Who would win in a fight?


A Hoglin is more likely to win in a fight against a Piglin. The Hoglin has more than double the health points of a Piglin. The Hoglin is also better and more powerful when attacking.

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