Where to find cats in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang
Shoddow D. Andrus

If a player tamed an ocelot on Minecraft before 2018, they would have had a tamed cat. Since then, cats have become their own mob.

Players can find them in villages, abandoned villages, and witch's huts. Once found, stray cats can be tamed using raw fish. Cats can bring players things such as feathers, phantom membranes, and string. They will also drop a small amount of XP and string at their despawn.

These adorable mobs can be helpful companions when hunting and staying safe in Minecraft. As cats stay around players, they will always help keep creepers away. Having a cat around can help players go about their business outside without needing to worry about creepers.

Where to find cats in Minecraft

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Cats can be found by players in one of three places.

The first place is a traditional village, with each village spawning a select number of cats based on its size. Players can find untamed cats stalking prey such as rabbits, and they spawn based on bed count.

As long as there is at least one villager and four beds, they will spawn naturally. A single village in Minecraft is only able to spawn a maximum of 10 cats.

The second cat location is in abandoned villages. Players who wander into abandoned villages may find remaining cats and iron golems. If the adorable pest control team is chased off, the village doesn't meet the requirements of generating more. Abandoned villages are the perfect spot for players looking to tame cats in Minecraft.

Last but not least are witch's huts. A witch's hut is always an excellent spot for players looking for a black cat companion. Every hut generated in a Minecraft seed will typically have witches nearby and a black cat inside.

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