Witches in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Witch in Minecraft (Image via mcmobs.fandoms)
Witch in Minecraft (Image via mcmobs.fandoms)
Holly Ellison
Modified 01 May 2021

Witches are an uncommon hostile mob in Minecraft. These mobs resemble villagers and usually reside around villages or in their swamp huts.

Witches are hostile towards players and will attack players with splash potions of harming. Witches can spawn anywhere in Minecraft, but most commonly spawn in witch huts with a black cat in swamp biomes.

There is a lot of interesting lore surrounding Minecraft witches. Players may be interested to learn more about this uncommon mob in Minecraft, here is everything players need to know about witches in Minecraft.

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A few facts about witches in Minecraft


Witch statue (Image via grabcraft)
Witch statue (Image via grabcraft)

The witch's appearance slightly resembles that of a villager. Witches appear with a classic black witch hat on their heads. Their eyes are purple to match the purple robe that witches wear.

Witches have gray skin similar to illagers, but witches are neither villagers nor illagers. They exist as their own entity, even though during raids witches will fight on the side of illagers, only to heal the illagers.

Minecraft lore & History

Witch illustration (Image via TurboSquid)
Witch illustration (Image via TurboSquid)

In Minecraft lore, it's hypothesized that witches were once a part of villages. Their profession was of a potion maker for the village. In this hypothesized lore, witches were working in secret to create a potion to reverse zombie villagers back into regular villagers.

The witches were experimenting on already turned zombie villagers, and when the villagers found out about these experiments they misunderstood their intent. The villagers were very afraid of the witch's experiments and believed they should outcast witches from their villages forever.

This would explain why witches aren't hostile towards villagers, but also don't live in villages. They resemble villagers but were outcasted from the village after trying to save them.


Minecraft witch (Image via minecraftforum)
Minecraft witch (Image via minecraftforum)

As stated earlier, witches are hostile towards players. They will try to attack players with a splash potion of harming. When witches are attacked they will attempt to heal themselves with a potion of healing. This can occasionally make witches difficult to kill.

Witches usually target players within 16 blocks of them. They have both offensive and defensive actions and appear to be more aware than most other hostile mobs in Minecraft.


Witch with a cookie and milk (Image via planetminecraft)
Witch with a cookie and milk (Image via planetminecraft)

Witches have a few useful drops for players to be aware of. Witches will drop glass bottles, gunpowder, glowstone dust, Redstone, spider's eyes, sugar, and sticks when slain. Each item has about a 12% chance of dropping. Witches have the most drops of any mob in Minecraft.

When a witch is killed drinking a potion they will drop a potion of healing, fire resistance, water breathing, or swiftness for the player to pick up.

Health points and Attack Damage

Witch next to the hut (Image via lookingforseed)
Witch next to the hut (Image via lookingforseed)

Witches have 26 health points, making them relatively easy to kill in Minecraft. They only use splash potions of harming to attack players. These potions do 6 damage points to players, and the poison affects the player mildly after hit, but this usually isn't enough to kill the player.

Published 01 May 2021
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