Play Among Us in Minecraft on this server

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Minecraft players who love Among Us or would really like to try it, can actually play a Minecraft version for free on a dedicated server, which is slowly gaining massive popularity.

For gamers who may have been living under a rock the past few months, Among Us is an incredibly popular murder mystery game and also recently became the most downloaded game of 2020 (Q3).

Players are assigned the role of a crewmate or imposter, and take on the task of completing small challenges or eliminating the other players before they can complete them. People who are interested in this game can actually play a very close replica on Minecraft. This article will be providing more information about the server and explain how to connect.

Play Among Us in Minecraft on this server


Performium recently launched the first public Among Us Minecraft server. Here, players can come with their friends or meet strangers to play rounds of whodunit style adventure.

The task on the server are actually pretty intricately designed and correlate to the ones that can be found on Among Us.

There is a fairly large and active player base, so finding a game once a player logs on to the server should not be much of a problem. There are 40 active lobbies to chose from.

Winning games on this server is rewarded by being ranked on the server's leaderboard. The leaderboards are split into weekly, monthly, and all time leaders.

Anyone who has not actually played Among Us, really does not have much to worry about. The gameplay will be easier to understand after diving in and trying a few rounds.

For further convenience, it is unnecessary for players to download any Minecraft mods in order to join in on the fun. All that players need to do is just hop into the server with some friends or make some new ones when they get there.

Changing to an Among Us themed Minecraft skin would be a great way for players to fully immerse themselves in this experience. Good luck and don't be caught looking sus!


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