Redditor creates sculk biome with entity cramming in Minecraft 1.19

Sculk blocks spreading by entity cramming (Image via u/imineplant1/Reddit)
Sculk blocks spreading by entity cramming (Image via u/imineplant1/Reddit)
Akshat Kabra

Since the release of the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot of Java Edition, players from all around the world have jumped into the game to see the newly added features. The reddit page of the game is filled with posts about Deep Dark Biome, Ancient Cities, and the Warden.

Recently, a redditor by the name of 'u/imineplant1' posted a fascinating video where the sculk blocks spread quickly with the help of cramming and killing entities on one block. The original poster suggested how players can make a complete sculk biome (apart from Deep Dark) anywhere they want in Minecraft 1.19 with this method.

In the video, the player spawned loads of Piglin brutes on one sculk catalyst block with the help of a command block. As they begin to suffocate and die, the sculk catayst takes the XP points and spreads all types of sculk blocks all over the area.

Reactions from Redditors on creating a sculk biome in Minecraft 1.19


After the new Minecraft 1.19 snapshot, the game is back in talks amongst eager players. Hence, this post also got a lot of attention on the page with thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments. People discussed the properties of the sculk catalyst block and other new additions as well.

The spread of sculk blocks in the video reminded players of another game called Terraria. They humorously connected this incident to the hardmode in Terraria. It is a 2D game which is quite similar to Minecraft itself.

People also talked about the mysterious Warden statue in the middle of the Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19. Many are speculating that it could be a portal to another dimension. They theorized how the sculk blocks could cover the entire overworld if the portal is activated.

Some people also discussed how this is possible even in survival mode, without command blocks. Players talked about how they can spread the sculk in an area with almost any mob like chickens, pigs, cows, and more.

Sculk starting to spread (Image via  u/imineplant1/Reddit)
Sculk starting to spread (Image via u/imineplant1/Reddit)

Some players also talked about how the griefers will make use of this technique to ruin other people’s builds in Minecraft 1.19's multiplayer servers. The sculk catalyst cannot convert crafted blocks into sculk. However, if players are using natural blocks like dirt, stone, wood logs, and more, they can be completely converted into sculk.

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