First Minecraft 1.19 snapshot for Java Edition: Full list of changes, reactions and more

Warden and the Deep Dark biome (Image via Minecraft)
Warden and the Deep Dark biome (Image via Minecraft)

After a long wait, the first Minecraft 1.19 snapshot is finally here, and it contains some amazing additions. After the Caves and Cliffs update, players were even more excited for The Wild update, where the Deep Dark biome and the terrifying Warden were about to release.

A few hours ago, on February 17, Mojang officially released their first Java Edition snapshot of the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update. All around the world, players were extremely excited and happy to see the update's progress.

The snapshot contains a mob and a biome that nearly every player around the world has anticipated.

Minecraft 1.19 snapshot for Java Edition: Everything to know about


Additions and Changelog of the snapshot

The latest 1.19 snapshot released for Java Edition packs a lot of new additions and changes to the game. This particular snapshot focuses on the long-awaited Warden, the Ancient City, and the Deep Dark Biome.

Here is the complete Changelog of the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot for Java Edition:


  • Added Deep Dark biome to the Overworld
  • Added Ancient City structures to the Deep Dark
  • Added Darkness mob effect
  • Added Sculk, Sculk Veins, Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker blocks
  • Re-added Sculk Sensor to the Creative Mode menu
  • Sculk Sensors now always activate when stepped on, even when sneaking
  • Sculk Sensors can now only be obtained with Silk Touch, otherwise they drop XP
  • Added the Swift Sneak enchantment
  • Added Warden mob

Reactions on Twitter about the new snapshot

As soon as Mojang released the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot, it created a storm of excitement around every social media platform. From Twitter to Reddit, the news and delight spread like wildfire. Several developers in Mojang also posted a string of tweets about the story of how a player ventures deep into the horrifying biome.

Other than this, thousands of fans of the sandbox game flocked to Twitter and excitedly posted their reactions and initial experiences to the Warden and the Deep Dark Biome.

How to download and install the snapshot

After this, players will be extremely eager to download and install the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot. To do so, players can go to Mojang's official post here. At the bottom of the article, people can find the download link to the snapshot.

After downloading, people need to extract the snapshot and paste it into the 'versions' folder in the game's directory. After this, people can open the game launcher, click on installations, and look for the 1.19 snapshot in the versions folder.

After hitting play, the launcher will automatically download the necessary files to run the snapshot.

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