The easiest way to get bamboo in Minecraft

Bamboo in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Bamboo in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft is a game that has a bit of everything. Be it animals like pigs and cows, fantasy creatures like the ender dragon, or plants like warped vines, the game has it all.

One of the most interesting pieces of flora in the game is bamboo, a green plant that was added in Minecraft 1.14. It can be used to craft sticks in the game - each bamboo segment makes two sticks.

Bamboo has a lot of interesting uses. It can feed the rarely found panda mob that is found in the jungle and bamboo jungle biomes of the game. Bamboo can accelerate the growth of baby pandas as well. Other uses of the plant are as a fuel source and in the making of scaffolding.

Bamboo is known as one of the fastest plants to grow in Minecraft (fun fact: the same goes for real life). This means that just 500 plants of bamboo in an automatic bamboo farm are enough to make a hopper overflow, as it exceeds a hopper’s collection capacity.

Another interesting fact about bamboo is that it cannot be inserted into a composter, and thus cannot be turned into bonemeal, like many other plants and crops.

Minecraft: What is the best way to get bamboo?

The best source or method to get bamboo can be determined by looking at the many ways by which it can be acquired.

1) Fishing


Fishing has the potential to be one of the most valuable activities in the game, as it can net the player some useful gear, like the heart of the sea item, or useless items like junk.

Bamboo is an item that figures on the “junk” list of jungle biome. However, it only has a 0.8% chance of turning up when the player reels back the fishing line.

2) Panda drops


Pandas are some of the rarest mobs in the game, as listed above. However, they have a strong connection to bamboo, which they eat. When a panda is killed in Java Edition, it drops a single piece of bamboo. However, in the Bedrock edition, players can expect up to two bamboo drops from slain pandas.

3) Jungle Temple


Jungle temples are mysterious structures found inside jungles. They are riddled with traps, which can harm a player if they are not careful. Each jungle temple contains two chests, with a 51% chance of having a piece of bamboo inside it.

4) Jungle and Bamboo biomes


Jungle biomes and bamboo biomes contain lots of bamboo trees, and serve as the default source of the plant. While bamboo is a little scarce inside the jungle biome, it is abundant in the bamboo biome.

If players are having trouble finding either biome, they can use the “locate” command to search for the biomes. Chunkbase can also be used to do the same.

5) Shipwrecks


Shipwrecks are structures found either above or below water. These structures contain valuable loot in the chests. The loot also includes bamboo, which has a 15.6% chance of spawning inside one of the chests in the shipwreck.

The best possible source of bamboo in the game, other than the bamboo jungle biome, are jungle temples. However, other sources are still viable options, and should definitely be searched if players come across them.

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