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The Luck status effect in Minecraft explained

Stever surronded by gold, diamond, and emerald blocks while under the Luck status effect in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Stever surronded by gold, diamond, and emerald blocks while under the Luck status effect in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Modified 18 Feb 2021

When Minecraft players have the Luck status effect, they are more likely to receive higher quality loot from generated structure chests and treasure items from fishing than normal.

As it is in real life, it can be really helpful to be a little lucky in Minecraft. Having Luck as a status effect will amplify the chance for good things to happen in the players' favor.

Those with a higher luck attribute will be more likely to receive loot that has a higher quality loot score and are less likely to receive low quality loot score items.

In layman's terms, higher luck simply means that players have a higher chance to get good items and a lower chance to get less valuable or junk items.

The only problem with the Luck status effect is that players will be forced to use console commands or enter into creative mode to get it.

This article breaks down how the Luck status effect works in Minecraft, as well as discusses the few ways that Minecraft players can obtain it.

Note: The Luck Status effect is exclusive to Java Edition.

The Luck status effect in Minecraft explained


Getting the Luck status effective is unfortunately a little bit complicated. The status effect itself can be granted from a Potion of Luck, Splash Potion of Luck, Lingering Potion of Luck, or an Arrow of Luck.

However, none of these items are craftable in-game and players will need to access the creative mode inventory in order to get them or use a console command.

Arrows of Luck were briefly available as a reward from Fletcher villagers, but have since been removed as an option.

All variations of luck potions grant one additional level of the luck attribute, which increases the likelihood for higher quality loot and decreases likelihoodhood for lower quality loot.

This will truly only impact certain loot tables for chests in generated structures and for items when fishing.

Minecraft players can also grant themselves the Luck status effect by doing a bit of cheating with console commands. A player would just need to type in the following syntax:

/effect (player name) minecraft:luck (duration time in seconds) (amplifier number)

For example, if Steve wanted to give himself the Luck Status effect that increased luck by five attritubute levels for a length of 45 seconds, he would need to use the following command:

/effect Steve minecraft:luck 45 5

Like all status effects, the Luck status effect will be removed when a Minecraft player drinks a milk bucket.


The Luck status effect can also be combined with the Luck of the Sea enchantment, for an even greater chance to receive treasure items from fishing.

If the Luck status effect ever makes a comeback into mainstream Minecraft, players now have all the knowledge they need to understand how it works.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 03:33 IST
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