5 best Minecraft console commands

Players can learn some basics regarding the workings of Minecraft by using some console commands(Image via
Players can learn some basics regarding the workings of Minecraft by using some console commands (Image via
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Console commands in Minecraft are in-game orders that players can issue via the chat window to make changes to things or alter behaviors in the game world.

Minecraft is a pretty incredible game overall, but many players may take for granted all of the hours of coding that went into making their gaming experience possible. Fortunately, they can actually learn some basics regarding the workings of Minecraft by using some console commands.

These commands can be incredibly useful tools to help improve the quality of life, at least for players who do not mind a little bit of cheating.

Players can change their game mode, spawn in items, change the time of day, teleport and so much more by just entering text commands into the chat window.

This article will showcase five of the best console commands that Minecraft players should add to their repertoire immediately.

Disclaimer: Minecraft players will need to enable cheats and play on single-player or have the correct privileges to use commands on a multiplayer server.

5 best Minecraft console commands

#5 - Set Time


Creepers and other hostile mobs spawn in hordes during the evenings in Minecraft. These can be hard to deal with when a player is unprepared. It is also a lot harder to see a player's surroundings when it is pitch black.

By just entering a few times on a keyboard, players can change the time of day for their Minecraft world. Using this command sure beats having to wait out the night. Players can also enter this command to make it night or any other time of day, for that matter.

Popular options for times include: Night (18000), Dusk (12000), Midday (6000), Dawn (0)

Command Syntax: /time set [Time Numerical Value]

#4 - Keep Inventory Upon Death


This command is a no-brainer when it comes to usefulness. One of the cruel realities of Minecraft is that players typically drop their items upon death.

When this happens, players will need to run all the way back to where they died in order to have a chance of reclaiming those lost items. If items dropped happen to fall into lava, those items become lost forever.

Minecraft players can prevent this from ever happening by using this command. Their inventory will be protected and will be kept even if they die.

Command Syntax: /gamerule keepInventory true

#3 - Change Gamemode


Players can actually change their game mode or that of their friends at any time while playing in-game.

Changing to creative mode is great when players do not wish to take damage or want to flip through the catalog of items available in the game.

This command can also be used to prank friends, as the player with creative mode on will be unkillable and will have access to any item in the game instantly.

Command Syntax: /game mode creative

#2 - Give


With the use of the Give command, players can add any item in the game to the inventory of a player. Precious items such as enchanted golden apples, emeralds, eyes of ender, diamonds and more can all be acquired with just a few keystrokes.

This saves time and allows Minecraft players to play around with some of the most useful and rare items in the game at will.

Command Syntax: /give {@a or PlayerName} Item [Numerical Amount]

Example: /give @a golden_apple 12

#1 - Teleport


This is one of the most useful commands in all of Minecraft. Players can use it to teleport a target to any exact location or to another entity in the game world.

Players will save a great deal of time using this command as they will not need to travel to a desired location. Instead, they can just teleport themselves or their friends to that location instantly.

Teleporting can also be a lifesaver when players are in a pinch, as they can safely teleport to a new location when they are about to die.

Command Syntax: /tp [Target Player Name] x y z coordinates

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