The uses for Pufferfish in Minecraft

Image via Legority/YouTube
Image via Legority/YouTube

Pufferfish in Minecraft are poisonous mobs found in warm oceans, which can be used by used by players to craft potions of water breathing.

Pufferfish, also known as fugu, can be commonly found as a luxury seafood dish served in restaurants across Japan. Many who try this fish claim that it has truly exquisite flavor and eating it can be an overall unmatched culinary experience.

However, unless pufferfish is prepared properly, that fish itself can lead to death by toxins when consumed.

Those who decide to indulge in pufferfish in Minecraft, will be treated to a not so delightful dose of poison. However, this does not mean that pufferfish do not have their place and uses.

This article will be showcasing the uses for and how to obtain pufferfish in Minecraft.

The uses for Pufferfish in Minecraft


Pufferfish can be found in warm ocean biomes across both Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft. However, players will also be able to encounter these unique fish in lukewarm and deep lukewarm ocean biomes in Java Edition.

Pufferfish are shy and defensive in nature, and will inflate to attempt to protect themselves when near a player, the majority of non-water mobs, or an armor stand.

Getting too close or touching a pufferfish while they are inflated will inflict seven seconds worth of poison. As an added threat, pufferfish will instantly fully inflate upon receiving any form of damage in any amount in Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft players should tread carefully when they encounter a pufferfish, in order to avoid an untimely demise. Those who are looking to simply gather pufferfish as a resource, may prefer to fish for them instead of hopping into the water to avoid the altercation all together.

However, like all of other fish in Minecraft, pufferfish are especially vulnerable to weapons enchanted with impaling, and cannot survive outside of water.

Using Pufferfish in Minecraft

Image via u/Nucroese/
Image via u/Nucroese/

Pufferfish can clearly be dangerous when encountered, but they do have their uses and are worth being collected by Minecraft players. Pufferfish, when slain, will always drop one of themselves in item form for players to collect.

This item can be consumed as a food source, but it is strongly not recommended as it will inflict poison and nausea upon the consumer. Even when starving they are not helpful to eat, because more total damage will be inflicted than earned. This is a nod to the poisoness nature of pufferfish in the real world.

Pufferfish can be used to craft potions of water breathing, which are an exceptionally useful tool when exploring the ocean depths for shipwrecks or when taking on an ocean monument. These fish can also be used to move cats and will increase the growth speed of baby cats by ten percent.

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