The uses for sea pickles in Minecraft

Four sea pickles on a single block in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
Four sea pickles on a single block in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)
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Sea pickles in Minecraft are a great alternative underwater light-source, that can be found naturally generated in coral reefs and warm ocean biomes.

In the real world, sea pickles collect light-producing organisms that organize in cylindrical shaped colonies. Minecraft players can find a version of these creatures of the sea in warm ocean biomes in-game.

While underwater, sea pickles emit a pretty substantial amount of light. A group of four sea pickles, actually emit the same light level as a block of growstone. This makes sea pickles a great light source that can be used for underwater projects.

This article will explain where sea pickles can be found in Minecraft and break down the various uses for them in-game.

The uses for sea pickles in Minecraft


Sea pickles in Minecraft thrive in warm ocean environments, and can be found naturally generated in those biomes. There is about a one in six chance for sea pickle colonies to spawn in any given appropriate chunk.

Players who want to get their hands on as many sea pickles as possible will find the most success by searching through a coral reef.

Sea pickles generate in large quantities in coral blocks in that specific biome type, and players will be able to stuff their pockets with these precious organisms quickly.

Any Minecraft player who encounters difficulty finding a coral reef, can refer to this guide, which details how to find almost any biome in Minecraft for any particular game world.

Like many plants, bone meal can be used to produce additional sea pickles at a near-instant rate. If used on a colony of sea blocks, the sea pickles on that block will increase in number.

Additional sea pickles will also generate on any coral blocks within a 5x5 radius. Unfortunately, sea pickles will not grow or spread naturally.

Wandering traders have a chance to sell sea pickles at the price of two emeralds per sea pickle.

Using Sea Pickles


Sea pickles are an excellent light source when they are underwater and can illuminate darker areas.

Just one sea pickle will produce a light level of six and increase by three light levels for every additional sea pickle added. When a block has four sea pickles placed on it, it will emit a light level of 15.

The light level produced is the same as a glowstone block, making sea pickles one of the best light sources for any underwater builds or adventurers.

Lime Dye can also be extracted from sea pickles by smelting them at a furnace with a charcoal fuel source.

Sea pickles can also be used for composting, and possess a 65% chance to raise the compost level of a composter by one.

There are many other creative uses for sea pickles, which can be observed in the YouTube video above.

Overall, sea pickles are a great underwater light source, can be used to get lime dye, and can be utilized for a variety of quirky tasks in Minecraft

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